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Matt Kloskowski Two-Day Photography Workshop

Matt KloskowskiDiscussing landscape photography in the classroom is good, but there's nothing like getting outdoors and shooting. In this two‑day workshop, participants will spend most of the time in the field with emphasis on composition, long exposure, camera settings, and all of the things that are needed to get a great landscape photo.

This workshop is only open to those who register for the BIOCOMM 2017 meeting.

Trillium Lake © Matt Kloskowski
Trillium Lake © Matt Kloskowski

The first day of the photo excursion, June 20, will be a full day of shooting from early morning into night. On the afternoon of the second day we'll meet at the hotel to critique our images and discuss ways to enhance and further develop our shooting and post production techniques.

Many of you will remember Matt Kloskowski from BIOCOMM 2016. Matt is a photography mentor/coach that specializes in outdoor, landscape and nature photography and editing with Photoshop, Lightroom and ON1 apps. Matt is among the great storytelling photographers worldwide. He is author of over 15 books on post-processing and photography. His passion is photography, teaching post-processing, and just about everything that has to do with the outdoors and traveling. Learn more and see his amazing work on his website www.mattk.com.

Workshop Schedule

Monday, June 19, 2017

There will be a pre-workshop meeting at 8:00 pm in the hotel lobby to set up ride shares, review maps and give you any final updates.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We will depart from the hotel at 7:00 am and go to Multnomah Falls (there’s food and vending there), Latourell Falls, and Crown Point / Vista House.

We will then have a late lunch in the Gorge and relax a bit before traveling to Trillium Lake / Mt. Hood for an evening shoot at sunset. We will have a night shoot at Trillium Lake provided the weather is clear.

Be prepared for a long day and wear multiple layers of clothing. It should be fairly warm, but when the sun goes down at the lake, we’ll be at a higher elevation and it could get cool. Layering works best. BCA will provide snacks and water.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

We won't depart from the hotel until 9:15 am so you can sleep in a little from the late night before. We'll be going to the Portland Japanese Gardens which opens at 10:00 am. The entrance fee is $14 for adults plus a $5.00 tripod fee. If you have a macro lens, be sure to bring it!

We will return to hotel at 2:00 pm for photo review and discuss editing and processing workflow. We should be done by 5:00 pm.

What to Bring

Multnomah Falls © Matt KloskowskiMost important, travel light! We’ll be walking a lot. Bring a backpack if you have one so you can keep your hands free. Don’t bring 5 lenses with you! Keep it simple.

  • Wide lens (16-35 or 24-70)
  • Zoom lens (70-200, 70-300, or anything similar) Remember, keep it simple. If you have one lens that goes from 18-200 bring it and travel light. You won’t regret it.
  • Tripod/Ballhead
  • If you have ND filters bring them (not required). Screw on’s are just fine so don’t feel you have to go spend a bunch of money if you don’t have them. But if you have them, a 3 stop ND, a 6-stop may help too. Mostly for the waterfalls if we hit them in mid-day. Again, these aren’t required, but as the day goes on there may be some times we can use them and for those that aren’t familiar we can do some tutorial while we’re out there.
  • Extra batteries for your camera. We’ll be gone all day.
  • Lens wipes and clothes. Multnomah Falls gets misty and you may constantly need to wipe your lens clean. I’ve gone through 2-3 towels at places like this. You can always grab a wash cloth towel from the hotel in a pinch.
  • Remote timer if you have it.
  • Extra memory cards since we’ll be gone all day.
  • Allen wrench/key just in case you need it for your tripod or ball head
  • Flashlight or headlamp, or both (preferably with the red light option for night shooting)
  • For classroom time, a laptop with a card reader and Lightroom / Photoshop.

Schedule, Packing List and Maps

Download a PDF of the workshop schedule, packing list and maps of the Historic Columbia River Highway and the Mt. Hood Scenic Loop.

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