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Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds
Pacific Grove, California
June 18-22, 2019

Asilomar State Beach

BIOCOMM 2019 | Asilomar, California

Meeting Overview

The BioCommunications Association is excited to announce BIOCOMM 2019, June 18-22. The diverse program will be held at historic Asilomar, Pacific Grove, California.

Each year the BCA holds an annual conference for its members to learn new skills and technologies, teach, and network with other professionals in the fields of visual media in the life sciences. Outside experts in related fields are also brought in to teach specific interests that enhance our capability to provide new and more in-depth services to our clientele and employers.

This exciting and dynamic meeting is an opportunity to network with colleagues, discuss technical issues and establish new connections, so don't miss it.

Scott BourneMaria Ikenberg Lindberg Keynote Address by Scott Bourne

Scott Bourne is an Olympus Visionary, a professional wildlife photographer, author, lecturer and a signed Master Photographer at Studio of Masters, China who specializes in bird photography. Scott is a regular contributor to several photography related blogs and podcasts and his photography has appeared in more than 200 books and magazines. He is a trainer at lynda.com, and is the author of 11 photography books.

© Scott Bourne

For me, bird photography as art is about two connecting themes: extraordinary craftsmanship in terms of technical mastery of photography, and a fundamental understanding of the dynamics of the nature behind the image. – Scott Bourne

Scott was one of the first photographers ever to receive the designation Apple Certified Professional Trainer (T3) for Apple’s Aperture. He also previously held the designation © Scott Bourne Certified Adobe Photoshop Instructor and Professional Photographers of America’s Certified Professional Photographer designation.

Visit Scott Bourne's website scottbourne.com where you can view his stunning bird photographs and read many educational articles.

Scott Miles to deliver the Anne Shiras Pioneer Members Lecture

After graduating from Brooks Institute in 1982, Scott Miles began his career at Cornell University as an agricultural photographer and later founded his own architectural photography business in Connecticut. That later expanded into a broader commercial photography business and eventually specialized in advertising photography. In 2002, Scott joined the faculty at Brooks Institute where he developed and chaired the Master of Science in Scientific and Technological Imaging program.

Scott has now returned to his entrepreneurial efforts and established The Scientific Photographer to provide professional imaging services in support of research, collections documentation, and historical architectural photography.

My students and colleagues showed me that science inspires the creation of art. I have explored the intersection of science, technology and visual art for many years now, and I’m excited about future explorations. This has led me to develop my fine-art career alongside my commercial imaging. As an artist, I manipulate time and space through slow-motion video and macro-imaging to challenge the viewer’s perceptions and relationships with the world around them.

Visit Scott Miles' commercial website The Scientific Photographer and view his fine art projects at wscottmiles.com.

Asilomar State Park and Conference Grounds

Asilomar Conference Grounds is located in the Asilomar State Beach on the Monterey Peninsula. Known as the "Refuge by the Sea", Asilomar has 107 acres of ecologically diverse beachfront land with cozy, historic structures designed by renowned architect Julia Morgan between 1913 and 1928. Asilomar offers guests an escape from the demands of everyday life through the simple comforts of cozy cottages and rustic lodges.


BCA has managed to secure an inclusive accommodation price of $293.41 for a single room and $195.37 for a double room, per person per night. This price includes all meals and taxes, representing great value. Click the button below to secure this special rate.

Asilomar Lodge

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Meeting Program

Download a PDF of the BIOCOMM meeting program.Download a PDF of the BIOCOMM meeting program.

Monterey Peninsula

Discover the attractions of the Monterey Peninsula while staying at Asilomar.

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Meeting Registration Rates

Member $325
Non-Member $450
Retired/Emeritus $200
Student $125

Registration is now open for BIOCOMM 2019!


BCA has managed to secure an inclusive accommodation price of $293.41 for a single room and $195.37 for a double room, per person per night. This price includes all meals and taxes, representing great value. Click the button below to secure this special rate.

Director of Conferences

If you require additional information about presentations or posters, please contact Connie Johansen RBP, FBCA, the Director of Conferences.

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About the BCA

The BioCommunications Association, or BCA, is an international association of media professionals who create and use quality images in visual communications for teaching, documentation and presentations in the life sciences and medicine. If you are interested in an organization dedicated to supporting the production of visual communications for the life sciences then welcome to the BCA. Membership Information

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