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EFFE Recipients

RIT Student Receives $500 EFFE Scholarship

Spoonbill © Mitsuyoshi YabeThe BCA has awarded a $500 Endowment Fund for Education (EFFE) Scholarship to Mitsuyoshi Yabe, who is pursing a Master's degree in Computer Graphics Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and a certificate in Nature Scientific Illustration at the New York Botanical Garden.

Each year, the BCA offers two $500 EFFE scholarships for full-time undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a career in medical or life science photography, medical illustration or media design.

EFFE scholarships are open to second, third or fourth year students enrolled in an accredited college or technical school program of scientific or biomedical visual communications. Applicants may also be working in the field and preparing to return to school for graduate study.

Learn more about BCA's EFFE Scholarship program.

BCA Awards Three $1,500 EFFE Grants

The BCA has awarded $1,500 Endowment Fund for Education (EFFE) grants to Norman Barker, RBP, FBPA; Casi Fleischman; and Charles Hedgcock, RBP, FBCA.

Norm BarkerBarker is an associate professor of pathology in the Department of Pathology & Art as Applied to Medicine at Johns Hopkins University. His grant will be used to help purchase shipping cases for a traveling exhibition showcasing 50 framed medical images with educational legends from Barker's book, Hidden Beauty: Exploring the Aesthetics of Medical Science, coauthored with Christine Iacobuzio-Donahue. The exhibition will be shown at science and medical museums around the country.

Casi FleischmanFleischman is a student in the Department of Biomedical Photographic Communications at Rochester Institute of Technology. Her grant will cover airfare and some living expenses for her six-week internship at the University Hospital of Cardiff in Wales. During the months of July and August she will be interning as a medical photographer for the media services department, assisting in the hospital's dermatology, dental, forensic, pre- and post-operative surgery and general medical imaging departments. She will also be working in the hospital's Museum of Anesthetics photographing antique anesthesiology equipment for its digital archive.

Charles HedgcockHedgcock is a retired research specialist from the University of Arizona Department of Neuroscience. His grant funds will be used to support travel and other expenses related to his participation as a life science photographer for the Madrean Archipelago Biodiversity Assessment (MABA) project, recording various flora and fauna species, as well as habitat types, for the project database and documenting the activities of biologist and support staff in the field for use in outreach, education, and public information.

MABA is a multi-year, multi-faceted assessment supported by institutions in Mexico, the U.S., and Europe that draws upon a broad well of resources and expertise as it confronts North America's pressing natural resource issues that span international borders. Hedgcock's photographs will be used as high-quality image "vouchers" in the Sky Island Regional Scientific Information Database (SIRSID) and as additions to established collections in University of Arizona herbaria and animal collections.

Each year, the BioCommunications Association (BCA) offers EFFE grants of up to $1,500 for projects that promote study and research in the field of biological communications. These grants are open to student or professional biocommunication photographers, graphic designers and media specialists.

Learn more about the BCA's EFFE grants.

EFFE Application Deadlines

EFFE Grant application deadline is February 1.

Please download the EFFE Grant Application and Guidelines PDF which is enabled for electronic completion.

EFFE Scholarship application deadline is February 1.

Please download the EFFE Scholarship Application PDF which is enabled for electronic completion.

Contact the EFFE Committe or Director of Member Services for more information.

EFFE Objectives

EFFE promotes and assists study and research in the field of biological communication by providing financial support to the projects approved by the EFFE governing committee.

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