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Local Participation

Local chapters are the heart of BCA. Participation in a chapter guarantees an ongoing, year-long connection to the profession and its practitioners. Organized by geographical area, chapters range in size from ten to over a hundred members, and from encompassing a single metropolitan area to several states in less populated regions.

Geography often determines the frequency of chapter meetings. Some chapters meet monthly, some hold bi-monthly weekend programs, and others meet once or twice a year. Some chapters also plan annual regional meetings.


Might include educational presentations or visits to local photography departments or vendor facilities. Weekend programs are sometimes workshops devoted to fuller exploration of a single subject, including hands-on sessions. A group outing to an arboretum for close-up flower photography or a tour of a video editing facility or color processing laboratory are typical. Longer meetings might team photographers, illustrators, writers, and others for interdisciplinary projects. Whatever the frequency or format, chapter meetings encourage the open exchange of ideas and the strengthening of professional ties.

New Members

Are encouraged to participate in any way they wish to contribute - by presenting a topic, organizing a program, showing work at chapter exhibitions, editing a newsletter, or holding chapter office. BCA organization begins at the local level with its chapter officers; representatives of each chapter convene annually in the House of Delegates to conduct the business of the Association.


Chapters Map

For information about a BCA chapter, click on the map or here for international chapters.