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Member Benefits


BIOCOMM is a yearly symposium on biocommunications and the best place to acquire knowledge on emerging technologies and the contemporary state of the art. BIOCOMM provides a forum for exchanging of technical information. Typically the program and seminars include presentations on digital imaging, color management, advanced Photoshop and PowerPoint techniques, interactive media technology and business management skills.

The BCA is the preeminent source for education, networking, and technical expertise required to correctly position yourself for the future. The professional members of the BCA have acquired a knowledge bank of technical and educational resources of great value to every visual communicator and volunteer to share that knowledge at annual BIOCOMM meetings.

The Journal of Biocommunication

The Journal is produced in partnership with several professional associations. It is available on line. It is fully index journal, which includes scientific articles, abstracts, technical notes and descriptions of management approaches. It is a forum for the exchange of ideas, a resource for continuing education and has a tradition of excellence in professional peer communications.


Each year at BIOCOMM, members receive professional awards for their contribution to the field.


Across 19 countries world-wide, chapter activities make possible ongoing, local connection to other members.


A fund to support educational research in medicine and life science communications.

Internet Publications

BCAtalk listserv and BCA News facilitate net-working, exchange of ideas and provide members with online news.


An annual salon at BIOCOMM, BioImages showcases the year’s finest work in the life sciences and medicine. Participation presents an opportunity to have your efforts recognized by a distinguished panel of judges, viewed by your professional colleagues, and potentially earn an award. Entries are invited in competitive classes which cross the whole spectrum of imaging in our field. Whether or not you attend the BIOCOMM Annual Meeting, you can share your work with others by entry in the salon.

Why Join the BCA?

The BioCommunications Association is dedicated to enhancing the professional competency of its members and advancing the profession by educating, encouraging and fostering creators and users of visual communication media in the life sciences and medicine.

The BCA can open the door to a vast network of colleagues able to offer advice and support. People you can share problems with, who use the same equipment and have some of the same goals. The BCA can assist you in maximizing your opportunities with educational resources, programs and materials.

Just how our world will change in the future is anyone’s guess. Your success will be based on your ability to responsively adapt to and master emerging technology. The BCA promotes and encourages the highest professional standards in visual communications. We believe the greatest benefit of knowledge is not only securing it, but sharing it with others, We invite your participation in the BioCommunications Association. Your membership in the BCA will go far in empowering you for a successful future.

Membership Application

Please visit the Membership page for the application.

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