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BCA News: Fall 2014

Dr. Lawrence Stack Receives $1,500 EFFE Grant to Develop Medical Photography for Clinicians Website

Dr. Lawrence StackDr. Lawrence Stack, Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics at Vanderbilt University, was awarded a $1,500 Endowed Fund for Education Grant (EFFE) from the BCA to develop a medical photography for clinicians website for the university's medical photography students.

Dr. Stack, co-author of Handbook of Medical Photography, The Atlas of Emergency Medicine, and The Atlas of Emergency Radiology, co-teaches a Medical Photography Elective course for medical students and medical residents at Vanderbilt. The one-semester course includes lectures on principles of medical photography, DSLR camera operation, lighting techniques, HIPPA, handling photographs as medical information, informed consent, and use of images for education. Students spend 12 hours in the Emergency Department working with the course directors taking clinical photographs and receive real time feedback.

The purpose of the new site, which he plans to launch in January 2015, will be to provide a resource for students as they take the course, he said, but it may also be useful for other institutions that desire to teach medical photography to clinicians. The site will include course lectures, books, useful websites, videos, and techniques necessary to take clinical photographs.

Additional blog topics he plans to cover on the site include:

  • Top 5-10 photographic web sites
  • RAW vs. jpg
  • Fluorescein stain imaging
  • Using auto-ISO in medical photography
  • Cataloging images e.g. light room
  • Depth of field explained
  • Understanding F-stop
  • Understanding focal length
  • FX vs. DX cameras/framing
  • Linear polarizing light filters for dermatology
  • Wound photography
  • Tips on photographing children
  • Using tethered capture in LR
  • Top 5-10 tools used in Photoshop
  • White Balance Explained
  • What do the markings on my lens mean?
  • What is gray market?
  • How do you photograph fireworks?
  • How to shoot lightning?
  • Flash memory, what do the terms mean?
  • How to approach buying equipment
  • Posterior pharynx photographs

Dr. Stack hopes the relationship between his new site and the BCA will be synergistic: "Although I will provide the initial content, I'm hoping to enlist active and retired BCA members to provide content and plan to ask several members to provide 'quality assurance' for the site. I would like to see a blog be a part of the site, with content similar to the Tips, Talks and Techniques component of the BCA web site, which I plan to contribute to in the near future. Our site will also cite the BCA website on its home page. I'm hoping my medical colleagues interested in education, patient care and research might see the benefit of clinical photography in their daily work activities."

Each year, the BCA offers EFFE grants of up to $1,500 for projects that promote study and research in the field of biological communications. These grants are open to student or professional biocommunication photographers, graphic designers and media specialists. Learn more or apply for a grant.


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