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BCA News: Fall 2014

Paul Crompton selected as BCA's 2014 Louis Schmidt Laureate

Paul CromptonPaul Crompton, Director of the Media Resources Centre at the University Hospital of Wales, was selected as the 2014 Louis Schmidt Laureate by the BioCommunications Association for his outstanding contributions to the progress of biocommunications. He is the 66th recipient of the award.

The Louis Schmidt Award, named for BCA's founder and second president, is the highest honor bestowed by the BCA. A committee of the nine most recent Schmidt Laureates makes the selection, which is subject to approval by the BCA Board of Governors.

BCA President Joe Kane and Michael Peres present Paul Crompton with the Schmidt Award Certificate.
BCA President Joe Kane and Michael Peres present Paul Crompton with the Schmidt Award Certificate.

Crompton was inducted during a special ceremony at the Honors Banquet at BCA's BIOCOMM 2014 Annual Meeting in Rochester, Minnesota. Michael Peres, RBP, FBPA presented the award and spoke about Paul's dedication to teaching and medicine and a few of his UK friends added their congratulations through videos. He was presented with a medal depicting the BCA key inset with a diamond. Last year's Laureate, John Hendrix, RPB, FBCA, passed on the Gold Medal Cane, a traditional symbol in medicine of high achievement and honor.

Paul was also presented with the BCA Fellowship, awarded for distinguished craftsmanship and meritorious contribution to the advancement of media in the life sciences, as well as contributions to the Association through lectures and publication.

Paul Crompton has made significant contributions to the field of Biocommunications in medicine through publications, presentations, teaching and exhibitions. He received a Vocational Diploma of the British Institute of Professional Photographers from Blackpool College of Arts and Technology, UK in 1977. He was a medical photographer at University Hospital of Wales from 1997 to 1985, during which time he received additional certifications in medical photography and teaching.

Exploring the wider context of photography and wanting to mentor young photographers, Crompton was Lecturer and Course Leader in Photography at Chesire School of Art and Design from 1985 to 1994. Following his receipt of an M.A. in Photographic Studies from Derby University UK in 1991, he was appointed to Visiting Lecturer in Photography at Blackpool College of Arts and Technology, UK from 1992-1994.

Anticipating the digital photography revolution, he returned to University Hospital of Wales in 1994 as Head of Photography, Media Resources Center, Cardiff. Over the next 13 years, he managed the change to digital photography, expanding the service into ophthalmic imaging and developing the role of photography within the patient care pathways of dermatology and wound healing. In 2007, he was promoted to the role of Director and Head of Service at the same institution, managing a staff of 36 and an annual operating budget of about £1 million.

Crompton is a member and active leader in four professional societies: BCA, IMI, OIA, and HeSCA. For the UK's Institute of Medical Illustrators, he took the lead in modernizing the career path and standardizing qualifications for students in the field of biomedical communications. He has received numerous awards for his work. He has published 12 major papers and given 22 major presentations between 1982 to 2014 at professional conferences in the UK and US.

He has an active career in creating his own photography, having presented eight major art exhibitions since 1985. His most recent personal project involved working with the charity Mothers of Africa, which helps healthcare workers in sub-Saharan Africa address high rates of maternal mortality. In 2013, he also helped install computers in a solar-power health education classroom in a remote village in Zambia.

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