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BCA News: Fall 2016

Danielle EdwardsA snapshot of what the EFFE team is working on

by Dannielle Edwards, BAppSc Hons, BA, RBI, FAIMBI, FIPT, FBCA

The Endowment Fund for Education (EFFE) was established to primarily support members in the pursuit of further education. The EFFE committee strives to find improved funding opportunities.

EFFE is restricted funds so only the interest earned each year can be awarded. The BIOCOMM grant is administered by the EFFE Committee but is not financed from EFFE funds. With limited funds and a potential for an increase in applications, the EFFE committee is working with the BCA Executive Committee to look for unrestricted funding sources for grants and scholarships.

The deadline for all Endowment Fund for Education (EFFE) applications has changed to February 1. Submissions will open on January 1 and close on February 1.

By creating one deadline for both grants and the scholarship, the applicants can be reviewed and assessed in the same time period and awarded based on merit and funds available.

EFFE grant, BIOCOMM grant and EFFE Scholarship
The EFFE grant provides financial support to assist studies and research in the field of biological communications.

The BIOCOMM grant is only available to BCA members who submit an abstract and are accepted to present at the BIOCOMM annual meeting, and then also submit an article for a BCA publication.

The EFFE Scholarship supports undergraduates or graduate students pursuing a career in scientific/biomedical visual communications.

For full details of all the EFFE funds go to the EFFE web page.

2016 EFFE Recipients
Gale Spring, RPB, FBCA was awarded an EFFE grant in the amount of $1500 for an infrared conversion of a camera. Gale has given many talks and articles on the subject of infrared photography. Gale recently used the converted infrared camera in a forensic workshop/demonstration and with students in the Biomedical and Forensic Photography class at RMIT University.

As no applications were received for the EFFE scholarship, it was subsequently not awarded.

The first recipients of the newly created BIOCOMM grant to be awarded were to BCA members Charles (Chip) Hedgcock, RBP, FBCA and Norman Barker, RBP, FBCA.

The BIOCOMM award has been created with the intent of supporting members with limited or no experience in presenting and funding to participate in the BIOCOMM meeting. All applications that meet the guidelines will be considered and judged on merit. The EFFE Committee encourages all members with 2.5-3 years membership or more to apply.

Please direct any questions to the EFFE Chair:
Ms Danielle Edwards

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