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BCA News: Fall 2016

Gale Spring shares his expertise for infrared and ultraviolet digital photography at ANZFSS

Gale Spring, FBCA, coordinated and presented an infrared and ultraviolet digital photography techniques workshop for the Australia and New Zealand Forensic Science Society (ANZFSS), 23rd International Symposium in Auckland New Zealand, September 2016.

He was joined by two of his graduates from RMIT University, Scientific Photography, working in the fields of policing and forensic medicine. Ms Clair Richards, forensic photographer for the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM) discussed her research and practice in the use of infrared techniques for tattoo identification from decomposed and burned bodies. Acting Senior Sergeant Kathryn Denny, presented her work from the Queensland Police Photographic Section on the use of ultraviolet techniques for imaging bruises as well as her work with infrared CCTV and the problems with color and tonal identification and comparison.

Gale introduced the theory underlying infrared and ultraviolet digital imaging and emphasized the importance of proper camera conversion to achieve good, meaningful results from IR and UV photography. He also discussed the modification of modern electronic flashes to produce infrared and ultraviolet radiation with plenty of output to work with most camera conversions. He also showed the results from lenses tested for the best image quality for infrared photography.

The attendees ranged from crime scene police, police photographers, fingerprint and document examiners, forensic medicine and science technicians. One attendee was a freelance forensic photographer.

Gale was the recipient of the Endowment Fund for Education (EFFE) Grant in 2016. The grant went towards the purchase of a Nikon D750 body and its conversion to a dedicated infrared camera. Gale was also supported by Nikon Australia to present at the symposium as well as other presentations to professional photographers and educators in New Zealand. Gale is also a member of the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society.

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