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BCA News: Fall 2016

Turning Another Page

by Gene McDermott RBP, FBPA

As a photographer all my life there was a joy in professional medical photography. In retirement I now have been blessed with the joy of a dozen grand kids. One of the fun things I do with them has been playing the art teacher and am frequently greeted with "Grandpa can we have a drawing lesson?" Drawing has always been a love of mine so this for me was fun. A few of my grand children actually have developed some talent.

During an art club meeting, here in my retirement community in Surprise, Arizona, I was approached to illustrate a children's book. The author wanted it to look different from the other children's books. When I showed her some illustrations using the technique of combining my original photographs with my drawings, she was impressed and hired me. Using Photoshop CS4 and a Wacom intuos 4 tablet, I combined the photos with the drawings.

It was a challenge learning how to translate the author's words into finish drawings. The trick is to make quick rough sketches with the author and listen to the feedback. It is the author who has a vision and you have to listen to make it work. When combining the drawings with the photographs in CS4, one uses the pull down in window, go to arrange, then tile. This displays the images side by side. Then one can just drag the photo into the drawing and position it.

The book was finally published and to say the least I am proud of it.  Now this should end here, but last month another author contacted me and I am working on my second children's book.

So at a young age of 78, I've turned another page, in this case, children's books, and launched a new career combining my love of photography with the fun of drawing. One never knows how medical photography will lead you down another path.

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