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BCA News: Fall 2016

Message from the Vice President

by Sue Loomis, FBCA

Happy Fall Everyone,

Time sure has moved quickly this year but we have accomplished a great deal. Many thanks need to be expressed and the first to you - our members for your continued support and participation!

We'd like to thank the Hurtgens' for their continued support of the BCA by helping us get our collection of publications organized and scanned. Soon you can access the digital copies of the old Journals of Biological Photography (JBP). A long with these publications some photographs and other historical documents were selected and will become available. We will keep you informed when and how to access this valuable collection of works and BPA/BCA history.

Next, the Executive Board would like to thank the Directors for their hard work this year. It's been a major learning curve for all of us with the downsizing of the governing board but we are all working towards a more efficient process. Karen Hensley has done an amazing job of getting the news to us and gathering information for the web as well as many other working parts of this organization. You could be a great help to her by sending in any news or tips and techniques. Photos are welcome as well and short tutorial type videos for the YouTube.

Speaking of the YouTube channel, Ken Meats did a wonderful job of recording most of BIOCOMM 2016. He has uploaded three of the talks and will be adding more soon!

BIOCOMM 2016 was a great success and a big thank you goes out to Adam Cooper and everyone that was involved in making this year's meeting fun and educational. Adam worked very hard and it showed! He looks for your participation in next year's BIOCOMM 2017!

We would like to thank Charlene Baron for handling member services in addition to helping Karen and Adam with parts of their committee work, running BioImages again this year and working with Tom Roth and Karen on the new look of the BCA website.

Thank you Danielle Edwards, EFFE chair, and committee! Danielle jump-started the new BIOCOMM Educational Grant to assist members with financial support to participate in BCA educational conferences. For details please visit the BIOCOMM Educational Grant page.

BCA has a historical reputation of being a professional organization led by its members and requires everyone's support. If we are not willing to support our organization, we will fail. Elections are coming up soon and we need to find candidates to fill critical positions. The committees need more members and our website and YouTube channel need content to keep us current.

If you have questions or concerns about the BCA please contact anyone of us on the Executive Board. The BCA needs your commitment and expertise. I would like to charge each member with this one task. Tell one person about us or ask one past member why he or she is no longer a member. Then let us know what happens, please.

Again the Executive Board is your board. Ask us or tell us what you need or want from this organization. Have a great end of the year and thank you again for allowing Connie, Jim and myself to serve you.

Sue Loomis, FBCA
BCA Vice President

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