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BCA News: Fall 2018

Body as a Work of Art: More Than Skin Deep

Norm Barker MA, MS, RBP, FRPS, FBCA

On a hot August, Friday evening, The Health Museum in Houston, Texas welcomed more than 600 guests to celebrate the opening of their new exhibition season.

Several new exhibits were on display and BCA member Norm Barker is collaborating with Cherie Acosta, a costume designer and head of the theater department at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, to produce a modern dance performance with dresses that were inspired from his photographs from the his book Hidden Beauty: Exploring the Aesthetics of Medical Science.

Even the deadliest diseases can possess an unexpected splendor under the microscope. Together with pathologist Dr. Christine Iacobuzio-Donahue, from Memorial Sloan Kettering, science photographer and professor of pathology and art as applied to medicine at Johns Hopkins, Norm Barker created the traveling exhibit Hidden Beauty. This exhibition delves into the artistic side of medical science. The exhibit asks the viewer to discover the beauty of diseased cells while unveiling stories of struggle and triumph.

Beautiful Affliction is a collection of dresses and dance performance created by Cherie Acosta, the fabric and design of which are inspired by Norman Barker’s Hidden Beauty images. In addition to displaying the dresses, The Health Museum will showcase an associated interpretive dance performance, choreographed by Travis Prokop. A video of the piece will be available for viewing in the McGovern Theater and a live production will be performed at the annual Gala in November.

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