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BCA News: Fall 2020

Member Update
Due to Covid-19 we are bringing BIOCOMM sessions to you this year via Zoom. We have conducted several Zoom events so far. We trust you continue to glean new and useful information, inspiration and support from these events.   Read more »

Old School Meets Cyber School
There is a piece missing in the mentoring when we lose the physical engagement within the lecture hall, and even more so when we no longer have the ability to meet in a physical lab setting.   Read more »

Member Profile: Peter Kinchington
Nature photography never feels routine. I can get bored with digital photography though and I go back to the fundamentals with analog photography. I just purchased an 8x10 inch view camera for black and white landscapes.   Read more »

Virtual ANZAC Day Service
As ANZAC day approached in mid-March 2020, it became clear that our service wouldn't be held. These commemorative services mean so much to our veteran community so we decided to create a virtual service for our veterans so they could watch it and remember their mates.   Read more »

Remote Operations in an Imaging Core Facility
Face-to-face training is not currently allowed, yet the work needs to move forward, and researchers still need to be instructed in the proper use of the microscopes and other advanced systems within the facility.   Read more »

Medical Photographers Working From Home
I work in a large paediatric teaching hospital in Sydney. When the pandemic was at the 'first wave' peak in Sydney my colleague and I were directed to work from home. We both saw this situation as an opportunity to clear our backlog of patient processing work.   Read more »

One of Louis Schmidt’s Etchings
Louis Schmidt was known for making etchings of various iconic landmarks and landscapes located throughout greater New England when on vacation. He would then use the etchings as the source to print greeting cards which he mailed to friends.  Read more »

Simon Brown’s Career-Long Contributions to Medical Photography and Illustration
In recognition of Simon Brown’s career-long contributions to medical photography and illustration, his active involvement in the Institute, and his commitment to education and training.   Read more »

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