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BCA News: Fall 2020

Member Update

Editor's Note
We hope that during Covid-19 that all our members are staying safe and well. We realise that things have changed dramatically for all of us, including the postponement of our annual BIOCOMM meeting. Due to Covid-19 we are bringing BIOCOMM sessions to you this year via Zoom. We have conducted several Zoom events so far. We understand that Zoom events do not replace the opportunities provided by the in-person meetings, but we trust you continue to glean new and useful information, inspiration and support from these events. Below is a recap of the Zoom events to date. We look forward to the next meeting when we can all get together in person. Until then, stay safe and stay well. If you have any ideas you would like us to pursue please get in touch, contact Danielle Edwards, Director Communications.

In this edition of the news we bring you stories of how our members have had to adapt in their workplaces. Read about how Professor James Wetzel FBCA, teaches his students in this new world. James Hayden FBCA, has developed new training methods to stay Covid safe. In Australia, John Yeats is balancing his working life in new and inventive ways. Learn how Veteran commemorative services are being documented and conducted with social distancing. In other news stories Bob Turner FBPA, researched the origins of one of our BCA founders, Louis Schmidt, art works. We also share an IMI Honour bestowed on a fellow BCA member, Simon Brown.

We bid farewell to Charlene Baron, FBCA from her current BCA roles of Director Member Services and BioImages Chair. Thank you, Charlene for all your efforts throughout the years in your various roles including President! Your commitment to BCA has been truly appreciated.

This is not a final goodbye as Charlene will remain a member of BCA, she is just choosing to do different things with her life. Charlene, we hope you have a blast with all your travel plans.

If you haven't seen this year's award winning BioImages you can view the Salon gallery here.

BCA Zoom Presentations

If you missed the Images from Science 3 Zoom presentation then catch it on the BCA YouTube channel.

Originally planned as a presentation for BIOCOMM this presentation was adapted for Zoom. The Images from Science 3 Zoom presentation by Norm Barker FBCA, Professor of Pathology and Art as Applied to Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Michael Peres FBCA, Professor of Biomedical Photographic Communications, Rochester Institute of Technology was greatly received. This was an extensive examination of the Images from Science 3, from the historical beginnings to execution of the exhibition. If you couldn't make it, you can catch up on this Zoom on the BCA YouTube channel.

James Koepfler FBCA, hosted Infoshare; a session generally held at BIOCOMM. This was our first Zoom Infoshare and there was great information presented by many participants. Just to mention a few: James Hayden FBCA, presented his highly manoeuvrable Flashlight, Adam Cooper FBCA, his drone and Gale Spring FBPA, with the Color muse. Many more neat, interesting and useful gadgets were presented. If you couldn't make it, you can catch up on this Zoom down the track when its posted to the BCA YouTube channel.

Welcome new BCA Members!
We are pleased to welcome these new members to BCA. With them comes a knowledge bank of technical and education resources of great value to all visual communicators.

  • Peter Kinchington, Freelance, Mooroolbark, Victoria, Australia
  • Robert Kurtzman, Rocky Mountain Forensic Services, Clifton, Colorado, USA
  • John Job, Farmington, New Mexico, USA

Member Profile
Take time to read our new member profile on Peter Kinchington from Australia. Peter represents the diversity of backgrounds that make up the BCA membership in this rich and vibrant, international professional organization. See more of Peters award winning images In the 2020 BioImages Salon.

Don't wait for the next meeting to meet up with colleagues, log in to the member portal and see who is in your area and arrange a get together. Networking is one of the great advantages of being a BCA member. If you can't get together in person try connecting via Zoom. It's a great way to stay in touch.

BCA Newsletter – Send us your stories!
Nothing is too big or too small to share with other members. Have you received any awards or recognition, do you have a story to share? Have you been on any photographic assignments, photographic adventures or had an exhibition? Do you have 'go to' web sites that others may be interested in? Don't keep all the good stuff to yourself. Let others know so we can all grow our knowledge and expertise. After all, that's why we are members of BCA.

If you have anything you wish to contribute to BCA news, please get in touch with Danielle Edwards, Director Communications.

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