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BCA News: Spring 2016

Charles (Chip) HedgcockThe Highest Honor in BCA

The 2016 Louis Schmidt Laureate is natural science and fine art photographer, Charles Hedgcock, RBP, FBCA, for his outstanding contributions to the progress of biocommunications.

If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting Charles (Chip) Hedgcock, the first impression, he's a quiet, humble and laid back individual but put a camera in his hands and a darkroom at his disposal and Chip becomes explosive, revealing photographs that tell stories words cannot describe.

Chip personifies those things in nature that many people chose to step on or run away from. His photographic interest in entomology and herpetology has portrayed insects and other creatures of the natural world as fine art and in doing so aided people in understanding and appreciating the amazing beauty of those natures.

Centipede © Chip HedgcockHe has dedicated hours to documenting known and unknown species of flora and fauna in Southwestern Arizona and Madrean Archipelago in Sonora, Mexico. His photography of this diversity of species has been added to a database for use in conservation, research and education.

Chip's involvement with the BCA includes endless hours serving on the board, various committees, leading workshops and giving presentations at annual meetings as well as contributing many articles for BCA News and JBC.

Most recently you'd find Chip following the Colorado River along with Kathleen Velo creating a series of camera-less images equal to the beauty of his other fine art collection.

Chip will receive this honor at the BIOCOMM Honor's Banquet in New Orleans, Louisiana, June 24.¬†For a full story on Chip's nomination and award go to: http://www.bca.org/bca_update.html#chip

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