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BCA News: Spring 2017

Connie Johansen, RBPMessage from the President

BCA Members and Colleagues:

Happy Spring to you and your families and friends. It’s that time again; time for nominations and elections. My term as President is almost up and I will hand over the gavel to the new President at our next meeting. I enjoyed my term as President and know that BCA will continue to serve its members well and remain a vibrant organization. I started in BPA as a student in 1982 and have been an active member in one way or another for most of those years. I have grown up in the BCA, and so has my family. I consider BCA my family and have many dear friends in our association. Without BCA to guide me, I don’t think I would have been as successful in my career and it certainly would not have been as fulfilling.

It’s my turn to say thanks, to BCA and all its members, past members and friends. Thank you for believing in me enough to choose me as your leader once again. But, I can’t do this alone. Our Executive Board has been working hard to sustain interest and increase membership, while offering a quality educational program at our annual meeting. Thanks to Sue Loomis and Jim Koepfler for putting up with me. Thanks to Charlene Baron, Director of Membership Services for all she does for BCA, and also to Adam Cooper, Director of Conferences for putting on great meetings. Another huge thanks to Karen Hensley, our Director of Communications. She does a great job with all of our communication pieces, including the website and newsletter. There are many more people behind the scenes of BCA that make it all worthwhile for our members, you. We always need help and need more people to get involved. It’s you that have made this association better and more relevant.

I am encouraging everyone to get involved or tell us what you need or want from BCA, including our annual meeting programming. We need people to give webinars, or submit an article for “Tips and Techniques” or the “Learn from the Experts” pages. How about submitting an article for the Journal? We currently have an opening for JBC Editor, and will soon have one for the Director of Conferences. Adam Cooper will be stepping down to pursue other opportunities with the association and we need someone to fill his shoes. We also have an opening for Chair of the Certification Committee. Keith Bullis recently stepped down due to a crazy schedule and too many obligations. A huge thanks to Keith for running the committee for the past couple of years. I will be serving as Interim Chair until someone else steps up. Please check our BCA Update page for more information on nominations, elections, position information and detailed job descriptions. Remember, we are all BCA, we are in this together.

If you have not renewed your membership yet, please go to the Membership page to take care of it. We need you, our members. BCA is only as good as its members. Your tax-deductible membership goes a long way in growing BCA’s ongoing programs. Your support has allowed us to update the BCA web site, develop our YouTube channel and further develop the “Tips and Techniques” and the “Learn from the Experts” offerings. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Your membership also supports the EFFE grants and scholarships, the Total Body Certification program, our webinars, many of the speakers at BIOCOMM, the BCA newsletter, BioImages, and The Journal of Biocommunication. It’s a long list! Did I mention its tax deductible?

Mark your calendars for June 20-24 in Portland. Come a little early to participate in the photo excursion with Matt Kloskowski. Check it out on the BIOCOMM 2017 home page. Matt’s workshop and seminar schedule on his blog talks about BCA too, check it out at www.mattk.com. This is just a hint of what is to come on our program, see you in Portland at BIOCOMM 2017.

Connie Johansen, RBP
President, BCA

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