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BCA News: Spring 2019

A Photographer's Journey
After 38 years as a professional photographer and teacher, you’d think there wasn’t much left to learn. I’ve studied photography, have a Master’s degree to prove it. But this would be in Africa and I had so much to learn.  Read more »

PhotoExam: A Mayo Clinic-developed App for Securely Capturing Patient Images
The need for trained medical photographers is still an absolute necessity, but now with the app, documentation that would have otherwise never occurred has a convenient way of being captured.  Read more »

Letter from the Vice President
As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we are all anticipating and putting the final touches on our BIOCOMM 2019 at Asilomar Conference Grounds, June 18‑22. This year’s meeting became so flooded with abstracts that we had to start a day early just to fit everything in!  Read more »

Member Profile: Lisa Neal
Having a strong interest in medical journalism, I thought the transition to biomedical photography was a logical and fascinating career path. Upon complete of my BFA in 2002, I started my first medical photography career as an ophthalmic photographer.  Read more »

Plan your BIOCOMM 2019 experience!
From the very start of BIOCOMM 2019, BCA is offering you more “bang for the buck” with workshops before the opening reception. Arrive after lunch on Tuesday in time for the 2 pm workshops.  Read more »

Landscape Photographer and Conservationist
Since the 1970s, the combination of his two passions enabled him to influence and help preserve natural environments that would otherwise not be available for us to enjoy today. David explained, when he photographs an area of natural beauty, he researches the environment.  Read more »

Crime is always interesting…to students.
Teaching the theory and practice of technical photography is always a challenge. I have been blending photomacrography, infrared, ultraviolet and lighting techniques under one simple concept – forensic analysis of banknotes and counterfeiting.  Read more »

Member Profile: Matthew Brown
While completing my associate’s degree I took a basic photography course that everything changed. I was absolutely enthralled with the power of light and film.  Read more »

Art + Science = Photography
Concurrently and coincidently there are two photography exhibitions, in two geographically different parts of the world, both highlighting the art and science of photography. Two BCA fellows have images in these corresponding exhibitions.  Read more »

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