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BCA News: Spring 2019

Adam Cooper, RBP, FBCA

Letter from the Vice President

Happy spring BCA and hello from sunny Florida!

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we are all anticipating and putting the final touches on our BIOCOMM 2019 at Asilomar Conference Grounds, June 18-22. A huge thank you goes out to Connie Johansen as our Director of Conferences for her tireless work to coordinate and put together this meeting. Of course, she had some help from Sue Loomis, Jim Koepfler, Charlene Baron and Danielle Edwards. Thank you all. This year’s meeting became so flooded with abstracts that we had to push out to another day and start a day early just to fit everything in!

Our content is increasing all the time thanks to Ken Meats for his video production skills and posting our videos from the meetings on our YouTube channel. There’s a ton of information on the site, and more to come! Remember, you can produce an instructional video and send to us for posting! That’s a benefit of membership! Check out the videos on our YouTube channel.

There’s also great information on our website. There’s a jobs page, information on the annual meeting, details about our leadership and much, much, more.

If you’re working on a project and a grant would help you complete it, our EFFE committee can help. Check out all the EFFE information.

Our chair of certification, Pete Grattan, continues to work diligently, helping candidates through our process toward certification in Total Body Photography. We have candidates throughout the world and the logistics can be daunting, so, thanks to Pete for all he does. If you are interested in helping Pete with the work of this committee, let us know.

That brings me to a familiar point. We need you. We need our members to participate in the association to bring new ideas, new ways of doing things, new members, and new beginnings, in order to keep the association viable and to make it thrive. Your board is open to your comments at any time throughout the year. If elected as President, I will work toward inclusiveness and transparency in all we do with our group. I will be open to suggestions and assistance of any kind. I look forward to working with all of you over the next two years to continue the great work our leadership has done over the past few years.

I’ve been involved with BCA (BPA) in some capacity since 1983 and my philosophy has always been to step up and do something, no matter how small, instead of doing nothing. If we all do something small, we can climb the mountain together toward a better association.

We’ll see you all at Asilomar!!

Adam Cooper, RBP, FBCA
Vice President, BioCommunications Association

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