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BCA News: Summer 2016

Digiscoping Talk and Demonstration

by Bob Turner, RBP, FBPA

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of presenting an hour-long talk, An Introduction to Digiscoping, and conducted a live digiscoping demonstration for the Redlands Camera Club (RCC) in Redlands, California. Better than seventy people attended the presentation including the members of RCC, San Bernardino Valley Audubon Society, Southern California Technical & Scientific Photography and Imaging Group, plus BCA members and friends, Alan Goldstein, Dale Kennedy, Tom and Marie Merrill, Darrell Peterson, and Betsy Turner.

The talk and demonstration included a brief history about how digiscoping was invented (1999). I then gave an overview of my Nikon digiscoping system and its inherent imaging parameters comparing images of "normal" (~50mm) vs digiscoped (~1,540mm).

A variety of natural science digiscoped images from greater San Diego county and from some of our National Parks where shown along with three examples of my experiences with astrophotography.

The final part of the demonstration was a live digisoping set-up where a small hand-carved bird was placed as a mock subject at ~ 36' which enabled everyone to view the camera's LCD and see the system's magnification. Plus, Dale Kennedy contributed by showing his Vortex digiscoping system which he had brought to share with everyone. Thanks Dale!

The evening was a great opportunity for the four groups to meet each other and share common interests. The experience reminded me of our former BCA Southern California Chapter meetings. It was a lot of fun!

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