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BCA News: Summer 2018

Letter from the President

Happy summer everyone! I hope it’s going slower than it is here in Boston where it seems to be moving at lighting speed. I can’t believe BIOCOMM 2018 is over and we’re already working on BIOCOMM 2019 and meet again in beautiful and peaceful Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, CA. The date is set for June 18‑22, 2019!

To those who came to BIOCOMM 2018, thank you! It was wonderful seeing everyone I know and meeting a few new faces! Thanks to all the presenters and Connie, Charlene, Adam, Jim, Karen and Ken for their hard work. The venue was great and the food even better, but the company was the best! For those who couldn’t make it we missed you and look forward to seeing you at Asilomar.

The Executive Board is pleased to let you know that Danielle Edwards, FBCA has accepted the job as Director of Communications. I know she’ll do a great job and Karen Hensley will be there to help Danielle ease her way in. Thank you, Danielle, for stepping up!

I just wanted to say I have enjoyed the years I have served BCA and it’s members as President and Vice President and look forward to another year as President. I am hoping that someone will step forward to help Adam next year and run for Vice President. Our organization is only as strong as the people running it and the active members within it. We also need you to step forward and help by writing an article for the Journal or the BCA News. Or create a short how-to video for our YouTube Channel, do a talk at BIOCOMM 2019, or host a webinar. None of these tasks are as hard as it seems, it’s just starting them that makes it seem hard. If you can’t take on one of these tasks, maybe you know someone who can. Please tell others about BCA and invite them to join. We are becoming a smaller and smaller association and we would love it if you have any ideas to how to grow this group. We know we will never be as big as we were in the 80s and 90s but the BCA can be strong and be known as the go-to place for expert advice in medical and life sciences imaging.

Again, thank you! Take care and don’t be a stranger. Email any of us with concerns, questions or answers!

Your President,
Sue Loomis, FBCA

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