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BCA News: Summer 2019

BCA Member News


If you attended BIOCOMM 2019 then you already know what the meeting was like but if you didn't get the opportunity you can still read about the highlights.

We will be posting information about the BIOCOMM 2020 meeting location soon, so watch this space.

BioImages 2019

BioImages is an opportunity to showcase your work to your peers. The BioImages salon of 2019 certainly does this with the variety and breadth of imaging. Don't wait for next year's announcement to start working on your submission for 2020. The deadline is only just over 7 months away. Time flies so think about your entry now. Take a look at this years salon and winning entries.

Hoosain Ebrahim, FBCA

Congratulations to an esteemed BCA Fellow

BCA fellow Hoosain Ebrahim has had a very busy few months! In June Hoosain FBCA presented at BIOCOMM 2019 on pattern recognition of wear, class and identifying characteristics in footwear impression evidence. After attending BIOCOMM 2019 at the tranquil Asilomar State Park, Hoosain started the long journey back home to Cape Town, South Africa via London.

In July Hoosain was awarded two Fellowships in Forensic Photography one from the Master Photographers Association United Kingdom and the other from the British Institute of Professional Photography. On behalf of all BCA members we pass on our congratulations to Hoosain on his well-deserved fellowships.

Welcome new BCA Members!

We are pleased to welcome these new members to the association. With them comes a knowledge bank of technical and education resources of great value to visual communicators.

  • Laura Gwinn, Senior Staff Scientist, QPS, Newark, Delaware, USA
  • Marie Jones, Manager, Medical Photography, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom
  • Gail Matsumoto, Owner/Photographer, Comprehensive Skin Photography, Apex, North Carolina, USA
  • Alexander Nguyen, Agricultural Biologist, Department of Agriculture, Fairfield, California, USA
  • Peter Pallagi, Manager, Enterprise Photography, Mayo Clinic, Arizona, USA
  • Michael Ramsey, Associate Professor, Geisinger Clinic, Danville, Philadelphia, USA

Endowment Fund for Education

After 8 years Danielle Edwards, FBCA has stepped down from the position of EFFE Chair. The new co-chairs are Julia Serat, FBCA and Susanne Loomis FBCA. Jeb Zirato, FBCA and Cynthia Brodaway remain as committee members.

This year there were two BIOCOMM grants given to BCA members Charles Hedgcock, RBP, FBPA and Gale Spring, FBPA to present at BIOCOMM 2019. Gale produced a Photomacrography publication for the BIOCOMM 2019 Photomacrography workshop. Charles has written an article on the interesting collaborative collective of 6 artists and 6 scientists this can be read in this edition of BCA news.

Gale Spring FBPA also received an EFFE grant to continue work on updating the Photomacrography publication to include newer digital techniques such as focus stacking. This will be available to workshop participants and BCA members later this year.

Now is the time to start sharpening your pencils as it is only five months until EFFE applications close on 1 February 2020. If you have any ideas that you think will fit an EFFE grant or BIOCOMM grant please contact the EFFE chairs of you have any questions about eligibility. The EFFE guidelines and contacts can be found here.

BCA Newsletter

Nothing is too big or to small to share with other members. Have you received any awards or recognition, do you have a story to share? Have you been on any photographic assignments, photographic adventures or had an exhibition? Do you have 'go to' web sites that others may be interested in? Don't keep all the good stuff to yourself. Let others know so we can all grow our knowledge and expertise. After all, that's why we are members of BCA.

If you have anything you wish to contribute to BCA news please get in touch with the Director of Communications communications@bca.org

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