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BCA News: Winter 2018

BCA Goes Home

Bob Turner, RBP, FBPA

As chronicled in BCA’s history, “The BioCommunications Association was founded at Yale University in 1931 as the Biological Photographic Association (BPA) by 38 photographers who recognized the need to exchange technical information and to recognize professional excellence.” The fact that BCA began at Yale University has always impressed me and is among the many reasons why I have chosen Yale’s Cushing/Whitney Medical Library to gift my personal library of biomedical communication journals, texts, and media. It seems more than appropriate that such a donation find its way back “home”.

Complete set of JBPA, JBP, and JBC journals and DVDs.

Starting in 1969, I have accumulated a modest personal library of better than fifty texts, bound journals, and media which have been sent to Yale for permanent use. Melissa Grafe, Ph.D, the John R. Bumstead Librarian for Medical History, will oversee the cataloging and handling of the donation. I truly have mixed feelings about seeing all these items leave, but am also very pleased to know they will now be available for use by Yale’s biomedical community, and the general public.

The donated biocommunication materials include:

  • A complete bound set of journals: The Journal of the Biological Photographic Association; The Journal of Biological Photography; The Journal of Biocommunication (29 bindings, 1932-2004).
  • Copying and Duplicating Medical Subjects and Radiographs (1953; L. Gibson)
  • Photography in Medicine (1960; A. Smialowski and D. Currie)
  • 1st International Congress on Medical Photography and Cinematography (1962; Edited by Dr. Heinz Orbach)
  • How to Use a Microscope (1964; W. Hartley)
  • Three Life magazines: cover images by Lennart Nilsson (4/65, 8/90, 11/96; signed)
  • Atlas of Otorhinolaryngology and Bronchoesophagology (1969; W. Becker, et al.)
  • Photomicrography (two-volume set; 1970; R. Loveland)
  • Medical Photography; Clinical, Ultraviolet, Infrared (1973; L. Gibson)
  • The Journal of Biocommunication (4 DVDs; 1974-2001)
  • Biomedical Photography – A Kodak Seminar in Print (1976; six authors)
  • The Biological Photographic Association, Its Half Century (1981; L. Gibson)
  • VHS Tape: Changing Perspectives in Biomedical Communication (1988; HeSCA)
  • The Guild Handbook of Scientific Illustration, (1989; E.Hodges, et al.)
  • Biomedical Photography (1992; J. Vetter, et al.)
  • A Morning’s Work (1998; S. Burns)
  • Best of the Brain from Scientific American (2007; F. Bloom)
  • Images From Science 2 (2008; RIT SPAS; numerous contributors)
  • MEDPHOTO - Snapshots of Life in Peace & War with the U.S. Navy (2008; J. Stringer)

Three Life magazines signed by Lennart Nilsson.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Melissa Grafe, Yale University Cushing/Whitney Biomedical Library, for her personal assistance with this donation. And I wish to thank BCA’s Executive Committee for funding the shipping costs. Plus, I strongly encourage everyone to seriously consider making similar donations!

Yale University’s Cushing/Whitney Medical Library Instagram post about these Life magazines donated by Bob Turner.

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