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BCA News: Winter 2018

Letter from the President

Happy New Year! 2018, how time flies. I hope that this finds each one of you healthy and refreshed. The Executive Board is looking forward to this year with high expectations.
First, I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, Karen Hensley. Karen has stepped down as the Director of Communications and we are really going to miss her! She has been so involved as Director of Communications for the past 10 years. Please know that we have appreciated all her hard work and that we will still bug her for help!

Next, we need to welcome Kate Mackley! Kate is stepping up to take on the role as Director of Communications. Learn more about Kate in this member profile. Kate will attend BIOCOMM this year so please welcome her and say Hi.

As a new year begins and BCA celebrates 88 years, please celebrate this milestone birthday with me by helping develop and continue expanding in these areas:

  • Membership – Explore ways of growing our membership by finding out what people want from an association. Engage younger members and assist them in “learning the ropes” through joining a committee, helping one of the directors or shadowing the Executive Board.
  • Communications – Continue adding to social media through WebEx, YouTube, Facebook and building content for our website.
  • Conferences – Analyze what works and doesn’t work at the conferences. Give us your feedback! Continue to balance BCA talent and outside experts in delivering educational opportunities at BIOCOMM.
  • EFFE – Continue to work with Communications and Membership in advertising availability of grants and scholarships.
  • Certification – Let’s reach beyond the Total Body Photography certification and add certifications in other specialties. Work with Communications to get the word out about this program.

The BCA is a web of knowledge where each one of us contributes in some way by serving, giving a talk, writing an article, getting a fellow employee to join or talking about the BCA to anyone that is interested. Be mindful that each time we create a visual image we are representing not only our employers and ourselves but also the BCA. Membership is a great privilege and I am honored to have been a member for over 20 years. Thank you for all the friendships made, mentoring received and given, and the vast amount of knowledge gained. Let’s all mark our calendars for BIOCOMM 2018, June 19- 22 in Savanna, GA. It’s going to be a great meeting!

Sue Loomis, FBCA
President, BCA

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