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BCA News: Winter 2018

Visualize the beauty of science and medicine

It’s winter and some where around the world people are engaged in throwing snowballs. I live in Texas and a snowball is a verb – all year long. It’s when people brainstorm and an idea begins and expands and the idea takes shape and then goes into action. A perfect example is when Jamie Hayden threw out an idea to do more with the BioImage awards. Jamie was so motivated after the BIOCOMM 2017 meeting in Portland he sent the Executive Committee and Director of Communications several ideas. One of his suggestions was to use the BioImages awards as a feature on the landing page along with an article for each image. Jamie said with 27 winners, the images and technical data can be constantly changing and drawing viewers to our website. We didn’t want to see his idea turn into a puddle and evaporate.

Jamie’s idea took shape and BCA’s landing page has a new look for 2018! Our primary objectives for the new landing page development effort were focused on aesthetics, content, and increasing the visibility and diversity of what photographers, videographers, illustrators and media specialist contribute to the world of science and medicine. BioImages tells that story. The new design of the hero slider using BioImages winners allows viewers to read the story behind the image. The diversity of the images provides insightful information about the creator and the techniques they employed to create the image.

Explore the new landing page, http://www.bca.org and learn more about the diversity of our profession!

Twisted Garlic © Danielle Edwards, FBCA

A special thanks goes out to the 2017 BioImage winners who contributed to this effort. They are all experts in visualizing the beauty in medicine and science who have graciously shared their passion for their work. If you have an idea or a story you would like to share please contact Kate Mackley, Director of Communications.

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