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BCA News: Winter 2019

Letter from the President

Happy and Healthy New Year! It seems like yesterday that I was saying Happy 2018, how time flies. Now its 2019 and this will be my last President’s call for renewal of memberships and wishing everyone a great year ahead. As I windup my last year I want to express my sincere thanks to Jim Koepfler, Adam Cooper, Charlene Baron, Connie Johansen and Danielle Edwards as well as others behind the scene. This group has given their all to keep this organization alive and running and has kept me on my toes.

BCA is 89 years old this year, what an accomplishment. A group of like-minded people realized if they pooled their resources and shared their expertise that they would help others in their field and create a professional standard for medical and scientific imaging and communications. 89 years later we are still keeping that standard and trying not to fold to the “Good Enough” mentality. I know the BCA can still grow and survive as the experts in our fields. The BCA needs your help to do that. Our sister societies are experiencing the same lack of fresh blood as we are but if everyone would talk to one person and convince them that the BCA is a worthy group then the BCA will live on. Also, I am asking that you renew your membership and continue this legacy.

The BCA continues to add to its knowledge base through:

  • Communications: Adding to social media through WebEx, YouTube, Facebook and building web resources.
  • Conferences: Balancing the BCA talent and outside experts in delivering educational opportunities at BIOCOMM.
  • EFFE: Helping people apply for the BCA’s grants and scholarships.
  • Certification: Working towards growing from Total Body Photography certification to more certifications in other specialties.

All of these areas NEED YOUR HELP! Please jump in and lend your knowledge. Make a simple YouTube video, write an article for the Newsletter or Journal, apply for a grant, help with certification or run for office!

Those people I mentioned by name have kept this organization running. They need help, they need you to decide that you can give time to keep the BCA alive. Please renew your membership and get involved!

Thank you to all the mentors and friends – without you I wouldn’t be where I am in my life. We have laughed, cried, gotten angry with each other but we have always stuck together in the end. I am hoping that others will take our places and continue this family of friendship known as the BCA. Spread the word that the BCA needs them.

Please mark your calendars for June 18-22 for BIOCOMM 2019 to be held at historic Asilomar in Pacific Grove, California. The meeting is shaping up to be a good one. Hope to see you there!

Sue Loomis, FBCA
President, BCA

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