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BCA News: Winter 2020

JBC Showcase
An opportunity to showcase your images in the Journal of Biocommunication
Bob Turner, RBP, FBPA

The Journal of Biocommunication is the peer-reviewed journal of the Biocommunications Association and the Association of Medical Illustrators.

During the Show Your Stuff and InfoShare session at BIOCOMM 2019 at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, I made a short presentation regarding the opportunity everyone has to submit a Showcase to The Journal of Biocommunication (JBC).

A Showcase is typically a gallery of images that hallmarks one's work or illustrates an individual's career in biocommunications. Images may be captioned with technical data, and accompanying text may be included to further explain the images or to narrate the individual's career.

Snowy Egret Landing
© Bob Turner, RBP, FBPA

To date, a number of BCA Members have submitted Showcases, including:

Having a Showcase in JBC is a wonderful may to display your work. Let's face it...we all love looking at images! And having a Showcase URL available enables you to network with anyone you wish to share your images. There is no cost for submitting. Plus, JBC is now an "open access" journal which means anyone may access the content, and see your images, for free!

Please consider submitting your work. It's an easy process and editorial assistance is readily available from BCA's JBC Editor, Jim Wetzel, PhD, FBCA.

Make it your new year's resolution to follow up and take advantage of this great members opportunity.

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