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BIOCOMM Educational Grant


The objective of this grant is to assist with financial support of BCA members who do not receive funding support from their institution to participate in BCA educational conferences. It is not intended to replace other funding opportunities available to the individual.

The amount of the grant is up to $2,000.00 with three grants per year awarded, one per individual. The grants are awarded on merit and at the committee's discretion.

This educational grant will enable participants the opportunity to enhance proficiency in public speaking and fosters writing skills.

The EFFE Chair can recommend BCA mentors for applicants that have minimal experience giving presentations or writing. Mentors can assist with the grant application and possibly offer additional assistance with the presentation or article.

General Information

The grant will be paid to the recipient after the completion of the conference and submission of an article to the Director of Communications for the BCA newsletter or the JBC, Journal of Biocommunication.

Within 60 days of attending the conference the applicant is responsible for submitting a travel and business expense report to BCA Central Office. Receipts for conference expenses covered by this grant must be submitted before reimbursement can be made.

Eligibility criteria

  • Financial member of BCA for 3 consecutive years or longer
  • Abstract submitted and accepted by the Director of Conferences for presentation at the funded conference, and
  • Article for BCA newsletter or the Journal of Biocommunication, or instructional content for the BCA website, submitted and accepted for publication by the Director of Communications.


  • Preference will be given to the applicants demonstrating limited or no funding opportunities.
  • Partially funded members can apply for subsidized funding.
  • The grant is not guaranteed, all requests are considered on merit.

Submission Procedure

  • Presentation of budget outlining expenses, including registration, accommodation, travel costs (this does not include rental cars).
  • Declaration that you have no funding or minimal funding support from your institution
  • Submission and acceptance of paper/abstract

Guidelines for Application, Part A and B

Part A

  • Submission of meeting abstract to present at BIOCOMM conference.
  • Submission of an article topic that describes a technique or procedure related to visual communications in medicine or the life sciences to the Director of Communications. The article can be completed after the conference.
  • The Director of Conferences and Director of Communications deem the abstract and article or instructional tutorial is suitable for the conference and a future publication. Applicant is notified to complete Part B.

Part B

  • Submission of the EFFE Educational Grant application.
  • The EFFE committee will review applications after the Director of Conferences and the Director of Communications deems the abstract to be suitable for the conference and the article suitable for the BCA newsletter or JBC.
  • The EFFE committee can offer partial or full support depending on merits of application and available funding.
  • Application deadline is the same as the deadline for abstracts. This will vary from conference to conference so please check the BCA website.

BIOCOMM Educational Grant Application

Submission of the BIOCOMM Educational Grant application is required as Part B of the application process.

Download the BIOCOMM Educational Grant form.

BIOCOMM Educational Grant application period is July 1 – August 1.

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