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Tips & Techniques

A Primer for Photographing Snowflakes

Michael PeresMichael Peres, RBP, FBCA

Photographing snowflakes has become a winter past time. Experience is a good teacher and over time I have developed some basic methods for photographing snowflakes that uses common equipment. Read more »

Metadata – Protecting Copyright in Digital Images

Tonya Hines, CMITonya Hines, CMI

Metadata provides a way to identify the copyright of digital images by embedding ownership and contact information directly into digital files. Metadata facilitates respect for the rights of creators and helps protect your photos from accidental infringement and potential orphaning.  Read more »

Surgical Photography Tips

Nathan PallaceNathan Pallace

Nathan Pallace is a photographer at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, where he specializes in surgical photography. Following is an interview with Nathan, who shares his experience working as a surgical photographer, and some tips and techniques that are unique to taking surgical photographs.  Read more »

Photographing Child Abuse Cases

Stéphane DedelisStéphane Dedelis

For medical photographers, the most complex and exacting photographs to be taken are those of abused children. Raw emotions, confusion, sadness are inherent in the process. All stakeholders involved in these cases must work together.  Read more »

A Revolutionary Approach to Lighting

Joseph KaneJoseph Kane

Today, the default approach to most event and other photography tends to be on-camera flash or crank up the ISO setting and shoot available light. Take the typical scenario of an individual standing at a podium. If this person were your portrait subject, how would you approach your lighting setup?  Read more »

Wound Photography Tips

Julie SeratJulie Serat

Clinical photographic documentation of a wound by a skilled medical photographer is an effective way for a medical practitioner to assess healing. Photographs can also provide a record of the natural course of treatment, and mitigate liability concerns.  Read more »

Patient Photography: Tips for Working with Children and Families

Cynthia BrodowayPam KleinsasserCynthia Brodoway and Pam Kleinsasser

Working with patients can be a rewarding and challenging experience for a medical photographer. Arriving at a patient photography session well prepared can make a real difference in having a successful outcome. Here are some tips for photographing children and families.  Read more »

Submission Guidelines

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