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The BCA hosts live educational webinars on a variety of topics. Below is a list of recorded webinars.

Using Video to Reach Your Audience

Adam KneeAdam Knee

Video has quickly become a preferred method for communicating your message to your audience. Using visual imagery and sound to tell your story can be an effective tool, but it can also come with a few challenges. This webinar will touch on the stages of creating a successful video.  View webinar »

Indecent Exposure 2 – On Location

Jason CandlinJason Candlin

Our presenter is Jason Candlin who presented for us two years ago on studio lighting and standardizing. This will be a sequel of sorts as he will be talking about handheld flash on location and standardizing.  View webinar »

Studio Still-Life: Lighting Off Piste!

Paul Crompton and Amy LakePaul Crompton and Amy Lake

Documenting the University Hospital of Wales' historic collection of anaesthesia apparatus, dating back to the late 19th century, has a number of lighting challenges. Many of the objects are complex shapes, made of glass, chrome and black rubber, and sometimes all these in the one object.  View webinar »

Indecent Exposure

Jason CandlinJason Candlin

Have you lost control in the studio? In the old days we took photographs on film and if you got the exposure wrong by more than half a stop the result was pretty poor. Now that we have moved into a digital world the problems of an incorrect exposure can be quickly fixed when the file is imported. But is this really good practice?  View webinar »

Taking a Break From Reality

Bill FortneyBill Fortney

Bill will share some great new techniques to reignite your enthusiasm for the craft of photography. He will share his use of HDR and some of the wonderful filter programs you can use to add some spice to your more conventional work, as well as ideas on using other filters such as Topaz and B&W conversions with NIK Sliver Efex Pro. 2.0.  View webinar »