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Videos from BIOCOMM 2017 YouTube Channel

The BCA's YouTube channel features educational videos on photographic techniques.

A Life Shaped by People that Profoundly Influenced My Image Making
Jack Dykinga

Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Jack Dykinga shared "A Life Shaped by People that Profoundly Influenced My Image Making" as the Maria Ikenberg Lindberg Keynote at BIOCOMM 2017. Jack blends fine art photography with documentary photojournalism and presented how people in his life have influenced his image making.


Michael Photographs A Snowflake
Michael Peres, RBP, FBCA

Micheal Peres is a Professor of Biomedical Photographic Communications at RIT. His children's book, "Michael Photographs A Snowflake" was published by Fossil Press in July 2016. Peres first photographed snowflakes in January 2003 and has become obsessed with the winter challenge. This presentation shares Michaels work and the process of transforming his obsession into a 32 page color children's book.


The Renaissance Human: Faith Art and Science in the Postmodern World
Ken Meats

Traditionally scientists and artists were, at least nominally, people of faith. This has changed in the past century.


Challenges in Multidimentional Photomicroscopy
Jamie Hayden, RBP, FBCA

In contemporary photomicroscopy imaging facilities, experiments are commonly designed that take advantage of up to 6 dimensions of acquisition parameters. In this presentation, Jamie Hayden, RBP, FBCA, describes the delicate balance of settings required to find the best compromise for image quality, specimen viability and speed of acquisition.


A Renewed Interest in Old Techniques
James Wetzel, PhD

Correlative microscopy is a research area that utilizes complementary visual data obtained through a combination of light microscopy systems and both scanning and transmission microscopy.


Clinical Photography to Assist Patients with Pectus Caritanum
John Yeats

This presentation reviews the origin of the terminology and demonstrates the role of the photographer as part of the team treating patients with Pectus Caritanum.


Art and Science in the Desert Southwest
Kathleen Velo and Chip Hedgecock

Kathleen Velo and Charles (Chip) Hedgecock are visual artists who are working independently and with scientists in the desert southwest using photographic techniques including lumen prints and photograms to study water cycles and flora in the natural environment.


Patent Medicine: Selling The Cure
Norm Barker

This presentation of trade card images explores several major themes used in the advertising of patent medicines. The themes are of historical importance because they document and illuminate one of the most critical times in the history of western medicine.


Street Photography
Adam Cooper

Adam Cooper takes us on a survey of street photography at BIOCOMM 2017.


Advanced Imaging Technology at Wistar Institute
Jamie Hayden

At BIOCOMM 2017, Jamie Hayden, RBP, FBCA introduced new imaging technology now being used at the Wistar Institute.


Focus Stacked HDR Scenics
Gabe Unda

Photographer Gabe Unda demonstrates his technique for focus stacked HDR scenics.


Creative Public Relations Microscopy
Jamie Hayden

Jamie Hayden, RBP, FBCA, Managing Director of the Imaging Shared Resource at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, shared a fun part of his job at BIOCOMM 2017 in Portland, Oregon.


Natural Science Photography
Bob Turner

Bob Turner discusses his love of natural science photography.


Viewing Image Color Accurately
Rick Hatmaker

One of the biggest problems photographers face after image capture is ensuring that the color of their image is accurate from viewing to output. Rick Hatmaker from CHROMiX helps customers by providing consulting, monitor hardware, measurement sevices and software to better manage their color.


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