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Videos from BIOCOMM 2019 YouTube Channel

The BCA's YouTube channel features educational videos on photographic techniques.

PR Photography in the Healthcare Environment
David Bishop, BSc

Photographing equipment and people on location for a medical journal or a corporate brochure can be quite challenging especially if time is limited and you are trying to produce an image that stands out from the crowd! By using a mix of different photographic techniques, composition and lighting, this can be achieved in quite a short space of time.


Can Scientific Photographs Exist as Art?
Norm Barker, MA, MS, RBP, FBPA

What makes a scientific image created with the intent to illustrate science also be considered as a work of fine art? Photography and science have had a very close symbiotic relationship since the invention was announced in 1839. In many ways the sciences and arts share a common creative aesthetic. Leading scientists are active in the creative process, whether it is an elegant solution to a scientific problem or writing, painting, sculpture, the so-called creative arts. In many ways scientists and artists created the discipline of photography and were the first to realize the tremendous potential of the new medium. Photography is not only a system for illustrating science, in many ways it's also a method for doing science. This short talk will examine how the context in which a photograph is viewed can have an effect on how the image is interpreted.


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