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BCA Update

EFFE Grant Round 2019 Extended

After reviewing the 2019 EFFE grant round the total fund pool for EFFE grants has not been awarded so there are some funds left. The EFFE committee has decided to reopen the grant round for a short period for more applications. This is a unique opportunity, so think about submitting.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Purchase of equipment for colleges, universities, schools, or other BCA recognized programs of formal biological photographic education.
  • Purchase or production of educational materials of a lasting nature (books, films, DVDs, etc.) to be donated for reference use in programs of formal education.
  • Funding of projects whose chief purpose is to develop educational materials.
  • Funding of research on materials or methods in photography or media in the life sciences.
  • Funding of projects utilizing microscopy.

Please submit your EFFE grant applications by April 6, 2019. Late applications will not be accepted. Read more about eligibility criteria and application guidelines here.

Do not submit applications for the BIOCOMM grant, these have all been awarded.

BCA announces Ted Kinsman is the 2019 Louis Schmidt Laureate

The Louis Schmidt Award Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Ted Kinsman, BS, MS for the 2019 Louis Schmidt Award. The award will be presented June 21 at BIOCOMM 2019 at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California.

Ted Kinsman is an Assistant Professor of Photographic Technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has a BS in Physics, and a MS in Science Education. He has worked as an optical engineer, a physicist, and a physics instructor before moving to RIT in 2013 to teach advanced photographic technology, light microscopy, and macro photography courses. He also contributes to the scanning electron microscopy and high-speed imaging facilities and labs.

Ted’s work continues to explore imagery for books and magazines. His work has appeared on The Discovery Channel, Crime Scene Investigations (CSI), The X-Files, South Park, The Tyra Banks Show, ABC, NBC, PBS, CBS, the BBC, and he did work on The Frozen Planet series, and James Cameron’s Avatar movie. In 2015, Ted won the National Science Foundation’s Imaging Science Contest with an x-ray image of a turtle with eggs. His work predominantly focuses on using images to teach science.

My background is in optics and physics. I worked at the Naval Research Labs growing synthetic diamonds in the late 80s before becoming a physics teacher. In 2013 I accepted a teaching position at RIT in the photographic sciences department where I teach high-speed imaging, scanning electron microscopy, and photo instrumentation. For the past 25 years I have been involved in creating scientific images for ScienceSource.com for editorial, textbooks, or anything science related. The photographic assignments sent my way often take my work in new and interesting directions. Recently, I published the book Cannabis: Marijuana Under the Microscope (Schiffer Publishing) which has gone viral on the internet.

Kinsman’s latest book is Cannabis: Marijuana Under the Microscope, where Ted applied his fresh and visually stunning photography techniques to highlight the extraordinary beauty and diversity of the world's most controversial plant, Cannabis salvia. Cutting-edge scanning electron microscope images, combined with light micrographs and X-rays, bring this captivating plant to life.

Applying physics to photography remains one of his specialties. Initially he started his imaging company to publish science books. Within a few years though, the focus changed to the production of high quality time-lapse films of flowers blooming. This footage was widely distributed and has appeared in thousands of commercials. In 1999 his work moved into the area of educational science photography. In this new initiative, scanning electron microscopy and radiography became the focus of his photography. More than 38 stock companies represent Ted’s work both nationally and internationally. Numerous books and magazine including Scientific American, Science News, New York Times, and National Geographic routinely use his images.

To see more of Ted’s work, visit sciencephotography.com

Membership Renewal

Greetings BCA Members and Friends of BCA!

Happy New Year 2019! It is time to renew your membership in the BioCommunications Association! Download the renewal form along with a letter from BCA President, Susanne Loomis, FBCA. There are exciting things happening this year!

  • BIOCOMM 2019 will be held at historic Asilomar along the California Coast in Pacific Grove, CA, June 18-22, 2019. The annual BioImages competition will open for entries on March 1, 2019. Salon winners will be announced at the annual meeting in June.
  • Check out the BCA YouTube page with links to the BCA YouTube Channel.
  • The BCA Resources page is a wealth of information and continues to expand!
  • Deadlines for EFFE Grants are fast approaching. February 1 is the deadline for most grants.
  • The Journal of Biocommunication recently published issue 42-2. Take a peak and consider submitting an article!
  • BCAtalk is a great resource for asking questions, learning about the profession and sharing with fellow professionals! It was moved to a new platform last year.

Please let me know if you have any questions about renewing your membership, becoming active in the association or anything else about the BCA. Thank you for your continued support!

Thank you,
Charlene Baron, MEd, FBCA
Director of Member Services

Images from Science 3

Images from Science 3 seeks to explore the interface of science, technology, art, design, and communication.

Unlike most other genres of images, science images rarely find their way into art museums. That’s why Rochester Institute of Technology Professors Michael Peres, Ted Kinsman, Bob Rose, and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Professor Norman Barker are collaborating to produce this traveling exhibition sharing some of the world’s most extraordinary images and image makers who explore science.

Images from Science 3 seeks to identify and showcase up to 75 extraordinary examples of both still and moving images that reveal science in new and unique ways. The images that will comprise the exhibition will be selected by an international panel of experts from around the world.

Learn more at https://images.cad.rit.edu/  Submission deadline is December 31, 2018.

Wellcome Photography Prize 2019

The Wellcome Photography Prize is looking for entries that show the importance of health in society and the impact health issues have on people and communities worldwide. There are four categories in the competition: Social Perspectives, Hidden Worlds, Medicine in Focus, and Outbreaks. The submission deadline is December 17, 2018. Learn more at https://wellcome.ac.uk/what-we-do/our-work/photography-prize

David Bishop, the BCA BioImages 2018 Best of Show winner was a 2016 Wellcome Photography Prize winner. Read about his prize-winning photo in the Spring 2016 BCA News.

About BCA

The BioCommunications Association, or BCA, is an international professional association of people working in the biological communications field. BCA wants to assist you in maximizing your success using images to communicate. With educational resources, programs, materials and a network of colleagues able to offer advice and support, BCA is equipped to address your professional needs. If you are concerned with effective visual communication in the life sciences and medicine, there is a place for you in the BCA.

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