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BioImages 2017 Submission Portal Now Open!

BioImages 2016 Best of Show: Lifecycle of Basidiomycota (Mycena haematopus) © Jonathan Bowen, MSGet your best images ready! Online submissions to BioImages 2017 will be accepted between March 1-31, 2017. Winners will be announced in Portland, OR, at the BioImages Awards ceremony on June 21, in conjunction with the 87th BCA annual meeting, June 20–24, 2017. All selected photographs, graphic design work and illustrations will be displayed at the meeting and published on our web site in the BioImages GalleryRead more »

We'd like to thank our BioImages contributors for their amazing photographs and videos that showcase our expertise in visual communications.

BIOCOMM 2017 Meeting Information

BIOCOMM 2017  |  Portland, Oregon  |  June 20-24, 2017

Register now and pack your camera gear and note pads for this exciting BIOCOMM 2017 meeting in Portland. We're pairing a two-day, on-the-road photography workshop in scenic Oregon with three days of presentations from experts in visual communications to expand your skills and creativity. Read more »

BIOCOMM 2016 Meeting Highlights

See what you missed or relive BIOCOMM 2016 in New Orleans. Meeting highlights and slideshow are now online! Download a high resolution PDF of the group photo.

Charles (Chip) Hedgcock2016 Louis Schmidt Laureate

The Louis Schmidt Committee of the BCA is pleased to announce that Charles A. Hedgcock, or Chip as he is known to many, was the 2016 Louis Schmidt Laureate. Chip was presented with the Schmidt Award during BIOCOMM 2016 in New Orleans. Read more »


BCA News Winter 2017

The Winter 2017 BCA News is here and features a BIOCOMM 2017 Preview, 2016 Year in Review, and much more.

The Journal of Biocommunication

The JBC Board wishes to announce our new online issue of the JBC which is publicly available for viewing with no password required. Read more »

JBC issue 40-1

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BCA YouTube Channel

The BCA has a YouTube channel featuring educational videos on photographic techniques.

Tips & Techniques

Metadata – Protecting Copyright in Digital Images
Tonya Hines, CMI

Metadata provides a way to identify the copyright of digital images by embedding ownership and contact information directly into digital files. Metadata facilitates respect for the rights of creators and helps protect your photos from accidental infringement and potential orphaning.  Read more »

Photo from Surgical Photography TipsTips & Techniques is a resource tool for sharing expertise and professional experience to professional photographers and visual communicators in the life sciences.

Photo from Surgical Photography Tips

About the BCA

The BioCommunications Association is an international association of photographers, videographers and graphic designers who create visual media for medicine and science.