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BioImages is BCA’s annual competition showcasing the beauty and complexity of medicine and science through the eyes of professional photographers, videographers and illustrators. The quality of their work reflects how much they love what they do and sharing with it others. Explore some winning images from past competitions. Learn more about how they were made and about the people who made them.

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Tree Ferns and Mountain Ash

May 3, 2022

“Photography enables me to share with others my intrigue with nature – celebrating its infinite diversit…

Umbrella Palm

May 3, 2022

“The Lumen print process I used for this project sandwiches a plant specimen between a sheet of glass and a she…

PC3 Tumor Infiltrating into Bone

May 3, 2022

“I believe that the best scientific images feature both accurate scientific data as well as a pleasing aestheti…

Pleuroceras spinatum: Jurassic Period (lower Jurassic, upper Pliensbachian)

May 3, 2022

“I have been taking pictures since I was a kid, starting with a Kodak Brownie around 1965.”

Retinal Detachment Caused by Rupture of Globe

May 3, 2022

“If you want to combine your natural talent as an artist with science and the art of photography with research…

Male Western Hercules Beetle, Dynastes granti

May 3, 2022

“I don't think it's enough to simply learn the mechanics of photography, you need to sharpen both your craft a…

Electrophotography Discharge image of a Bee Balm Flower

May 3, 2022

“Usually, I can visualize a clear path to a solution when I take on a commission. Along the way I can often ad…

C Section "It's a baby girl"

May 3, 2022

“The key photograph for me was to be able to record that moment in time when baby was being delivered showing a…

Bordetella pertussis and Whooping cough

May 3, 2022

“...the real power of biomedical animation is the ability to make the unseen, molecular world visible and tang…

Green Crowned Brilliant Hummingbird (Heliodoxa jacula)

May 3, 2022

“I am a keen user of digital technology — the flexibility and quality far exceed that we obtained on film…

Graceful Great Egret

May 3, 2022

“I love animals and nature and so to photograph the beauty means you firstly have to see and find the beauty an…

The Defense Mechanism of the Bombardier Beetle

May 3, 2022

“Growing up seeing beautiful watercolor illustrations of animals and plants inspired me to learn how to draw an…

Prostate Cancer Tree

May 3, 2022

“Because it is artistic and scientific at the same time, it can make a great ambassador between the research sc…

Abnormal nerve variant identified during carpal tunnel surgery

May 3, 2022

“Photography around the sterile surgical field can be described as an odd kind of dance in which the lead does…

Twisted Garlic

May 3, 2022

“At the end of the day, it’s a box with a lens. Pre‑visualization, composition and how to execute what yo…


November 28, 2022

© Adam Cooper, RBP, FBCA Adam Cooper's image, "Broccoli" won a Judges Choice award and an Image of Merit award i…

Psammoma Bodies

December 3, 2022

© Norm Barker, MA, MS, RBP, FBCA, FRPS Norm Barker's image, "Psammoma Bodies, Brain Tumor x64 " won a Judges Cho…

Mee Canyon Alcove

December 3, 2022

© Robert Kurtzman BA, DO Robert Kurtzman’s image "Mee Canyon Alcove” won a Judges Choice award and a…