Member Directory Instructions

© Charlene Baron, FBCA

Instructions to Populate Member Profile Pages

Every active BCA member is included in the Membership Directory and receives a personal profile page based on the member information collected in their "My Account" page, augmented with personal images, videos and other selected files. The member has a variety of privacy options to share their information with members, the general public, or no one if they prefer. Search capabilities allow selected groups to find members based on specialties, geographic data, or other information included in their biographies.

The links below provide detailed instructions for setting up your customized page and filling out your information. For assistance, please contact to be connected with someone who can help.

The Listing Page

This page is available to any visitor, but a member must log in first to get the most out of it. The page can be reached by going to Members > Member Directory from the top main menu. On this first page, you can see all active members who have allowed their listing to be seen and can Search the member list using pre-set specialties or general keyword search. 

The Details Page

This is your personal profile page. You can choose to set it to “Member” so only a logged-in member can see your page, or you can set it to “Public” so you can give out the URL to a non-member and they can access your page as well. It displays as much or as little as you would like and includes a gallery of images and videos of your choice.


Updating Personal Information

This section of your "My Account" page contains all the information in your membership profile as maintained by the BCA Office. Selected fields in this section will be used in your Details Page. Contact information, like email, address and phone number are controlled with separate privacy options.

Uploading Files

As an active BCA member, you have the ability to upload a portrait or other personal image, a unique banner image for your page, your resume/CV, up to 12 personal images and 2 videos. This section explains the steps needed to bring it all together.

Privacy Settings

We know that not everyone wants their information available to the public, so you have a vairety of privacy options to control what, if any, of your information can be seen and by whom. These instructions explain your options for Member, Public or No accessability