Ralph Creer Service Award

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What Is The Ralph Creer Service Award?

The President’s Service Award was initiated in 1976, in lieu of the honorary fellowship for non-technical achievement. It is for: “Meritorious Continuous Service to the BioCommunications Association.” It carries the same prestige as the Fellowship, and may be given once during a President's two-year term.

The award was re-named in honor of BCA's founding president, Ralph Creer, in 1980. Recognizing those who have served the Association and its members with distinction, this award is given by BCA's President. Nominations may be directed to the BCA President.

Recent Recipients:    2019 - Asilomar, California


Danielle Edwards, FBCA

“For distinguished service to the Association and the ideals to which it aspires, reaching out to members through her work as the Chair of Endowment Fund for Education, the Director of Communications, and as a speaker at numerous BIOCOMM conferences. Her selfless sharing of ideas for the association and conferences comes from extensive experience in the field as well as leading many conferences within Australia. She has proven to be a good friend and valued mentor to many BCA members. Her dedication and enthusiasm are appreciated by the BCA. The BCA has been supremely served.”

Susan Loomis, FBCA, President
June 21, 2019
Pacific Grove, California, USA 

2016 - New Orleans, Louisiana


James Koepfler, FBCA

"For distinguished service to the Association and the ideals to which it aspires, for many years of dedication and professionalism, for his tireless and continued commitment as a New England Chapter Officer, and for his service on the Board of Governors as Director of the Committee on Professional Education  We are  indebted to him for implementing our webinars, for moderating and presenting in numerous InfoShare sessions, for audiovisual support for many meetings, and his dedication and outstanding service as Secretary/Treasurer.  His enthusiasm, sense of humor and sage insights for the Association are an inspiration for all.  BCA has been supremely served."

Connie Johansen, RBP, President
June 24, 2016
New Orleans, Louisiana, US


Creer Service Award Recipients

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2000 - 2019
  • 2019 Danielle Edwards, FBCA
  • 2016 James Koepfler, FBCA
  • 2013 Karen M. Hensley, FBCA
  • 2012 Charlene A. Baron, FBCA
  • 2010 James Fosse, RBP, FBCA
  • 2009 Nancy S. Hurtgen
  • 2008 John Hendrix, RBP, FBCA
  • 2007 Robert C. Turner, RBP, FBPA
  • 2006 Thomas Hurtgen, FBPA
  • 2004 Marilee Caliendo, RBP, FBPA
  • 2003 Carol Gray, RBP, FBPA
  • 2002 Anita Tellier, FBCA
  • 2001 Peter Hansell, MD, RBP, FBPA
  • 2000 Joseph Ogrodnick, FBPA
1960 - 1979
  • 1979 Stanley McComb, RBP, FBPA
  • 1979 Florence McComb
  • 1977 Percy W. Brooks, RBP, FBPA
  • 1977 John Vetter, RBP, FBPA
1980 - 1999
  • 1998 John Massman
  • 1997 William Durrence
  • 1996 Bobb Sleezer, RBP
  • 1995 Lewis Koster, RBP, FBPA
  • 1994 Zuhair Kareem
  • 1993 Warren Sturgis, RBP, FBPA
  • 1992 E. Lynn Baldwin, RBP, FBPA
  • 1991 H. Paul Newman, RBP, FBPA
  • 1989 C. Graham Eddy, RBP, FBPA
  • 1987 Albert Levin, RBP, FBPA
  • 1985 Richard Ray, RBP, FBPA
  • 1983 Laurence B. Brown, RBP, FBPA
  • 1980 H. Lou Gibson, RBP, FBPA