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An international association of photographers, videographers and graphic designers who create visual media for medicine and science.

Capturing images from science, medicine, and nature

Virtual BIOCOMM 2021 - Staying Connected

Virtual BIOCOMM 2021

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, for the first time ever BIOCOMM, the annual meeting of the BCA will become a year of virtual events. Monthly Zoom sessions of workshops, plenary presentations, Infoshare and our annual Business Meeting and Town Hall meetings will be spread throughout 2021.

Virtual BIOCOMM 2021 gives us an opportunity to stay connected while continuing to learn and network. There will be a range of topics throughout the year such as Forensic Radiology, Kirlian Photography and Photomicroscopy.

Learn about Kirlian Photograhy at the April Virtual BIOCOMM event!

Join us on April 13 for the next Virtual BIOCOMM event. Hoosain Ebrahim, FBCA, FIMI(Hon), ASIS FRPS will teach us about Kirlian Photograhy: A Scientific Basis for Recording the Energy Fields of the Physical Body.

Kirlian photography is a method of obtaining a photographic image of high energy interaction between a subject and an applied electric field. The image captured on the film reflects the dynamic relationship between the externally generated electric field and the energy emitted from the subject. The light emitted as photons by the electric discharge from the charged subject produces the latent image in the photosensitive layer of the recording material.

If you have something to share please let us know. You can email Connie Johansen, Director Conferences with your idea and she will put you on the Infoshare presentation list.  We will also be accepting "unplanned" presentations during our Zoom meeting in case the feeling moves you!

Join us on April 13 for this free BIOCOMM event presented by Hoosain Ebrahim, FBCA, FIMI(Hon), ASIS FRPS.

Please join us each month for Virtual BIOCOMM 2021. All are welcome to attend! Come and participate and meet new colleagues.

Our in-person annual meeting BIOCOMM 2022 will be in Santa Fe, New Mexico May 17‑22, 2022.

BioImages 2020 Salon

The BioCommunications Association is pleased to announce the BioImages 2020 Salon! The Salon entries are now posted in the BioImages Gallery. Many thanks to the Judges for their hard work and expertise selecting this year's Salon and Award winners.

BCA News Spring 2021

In the Spring 2021 issue of the news, find out about exciting changes coming to our BCA website and BioImages. Celebrate with Emeritus members and experience Jim Wetzel's special place of solitude. BCA celebrates the women of the BCA. Don't miss out on Virtual BIOCOMM 2021.

The Journal of Biocommunication

View issue 44-2 of the Journal of Biocommunication online. Articles included:

  • Thomas St. John Merrill’s 25 Years Ago in the JBPA/JBP
  • Two research posters presented by recent graduates from the University of Toronto’s Biomedical Communications Program
  • “Highly Standardized Rotational Photography of the Torso” by David Teplica, Daniel Schuleman, and Vanston Masri
  • Our JBC Showcase features the amazing photographic imagery of Danielle Edwards, BCA's 2020 Louis Schmidt Laureate.
  • Two galleries, the first features the AMI’s 2020 Annual Meeting Salon exhibition and the second features the BCA’s 2020 BioImages exhibition.