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The BioCommunications Association (BCA), is an international association of photographers, videographers, illustrators and graphic designers who create visual media for medicine and science. Our mission is to enhance professional competency and advance the profession through the education and development of our members.

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JBC Volume 47, Number 2 (2023)

The Journal Management Board is pleased to announce the publication of JBC issue 47-2. In this issue, we feature an a…

Norman Barker Stars in New Vishniac Documentary

Following over 10 years of work, Director-Producer Laura Bialis and Executive Producer Nancy Spielberg have completed…

BCA Talk - Professional Collaboration

BCA talk - an opportunity to communicate with other professionals, solve problems and exchange ideas BCA hosts an ema…

3rd Annual FPS Symposium


From Streets to the Lab: A Little Bit About Ida Wyman

Howard J. Radzyner, RBP, FBCA We met early in my career through local BPA (now BCA) meetings and we overlapped a bit…

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Visualize the beauty of science and medicine

Behind the image showcases the beauty and complexity of medicine and science through the eyes of professional photographers, videographers and illustrators. The quality of their work reflects how much they love what they do and sharing with it others. Learn more about how the image was made and about the person who made it.


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BCA is more than pretty pictures - it is learning and sharing specialized imaging techniques and supporting imaging professionals at every stage in their careers:

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