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The BioCommunications Association (BCA), is an international association of photographers, videographers, illustrators and graphic designers who create visual media for medicine and science. Our mission is to enhance professional competency and advance the profession through the education and development of our members.

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Nov 27, 2022


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The Making of Ephemeral Man

Peter Kinchington I enjoy taking a break from using digital cameras and using my film cameras. There is an old mounta…

Retired Member Profile - Alexander McDonald, RBP

Who or what inspired you to make photographs? I was first inspired to do photography by my father. He was a keen fami…

Member Profile: Aaron Matson

What is or was your primary line of work? I am a forensic imaging specialist with the Wisconsin Department of Justice…

Competitions, exhibits, sites and other bits & pieces

This post brings you items of interest, news of meetings, events and other happenings, workshops, competitions, websi…

So you want to fly a drone? A primer.

Adam Cooper, RBP, FBCA Drones seem to be everywhere. You can go to just about any park around and see people flying t…

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Biological communications includes a wide range of photography, illustration, video and graphics techniques used to visualize medical and other scientific samples and procedures. Click here to learn more about these specialized and unique fields.

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