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Fall 2013 Webinar

This is a recording of the BCA Fall Webinar broadcast live over the Internet on Nov 25, 2013.

Indecent Exposure

Jason Candlin

Have you lost control in the studio? In the old days we took photographs on film and if you got the exposure wrong by more than half a stop the result was pretty poor. Many a photographer has lost precious hours trying to resurrect a rubbish transparency or negative by copying and printing, only to be left with a flat muddy print with a very strange tonal range.

Now that we have moved into a digital world the problems of an incorrect exposure can be quickly fixed when the file is imported, and if you favour a RAW workflow you have even more control using import software such as Camera RAW or Bridge, where you can correct exposure, white balance, highlights and shadows.

But is this really good practice? Should we return to the dying art of taking light meter readings and correctly exposing our 'negatives'?

With a standard lighting set-up, we should be able to record a correctly exposed image with a full tonal range from shadows through mid-tones to highlights and the easiest place to discuss this is in the photographic studio where we have full control of lighting and camera settings, and this workshop will be presented from a fully equipped studio.

Jason Candlin

Jason Candlin

Jason is the head of Medical Illustration at Heatherwood & Wexham Park Hospitals in the UK, and Chairman of Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI). He has been involved in the field of medical imaging for over 20 years in both operative and managerial leads.