Annual Conference

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Preliminary Program

Program subject to change.

Maria Ikenberg Lindberg Keynote Address
Auto Immune Response
Critical Indigenous Photographic Exchange
Connecting the Dots for a Just Transition
Will Wilson

Tashiding: Beyond Earth & Sky, A Year in the Garden
Norm Barker, MS, MA, RBP, FBCA, FRPS

Video Planning and Production
Adam Cooper, RBP, FBCA

Has Digital Technology Subverted the Truth in Photographic Evidence
Hoosain Ebrahim, FBCA

Changing Your Perspective
Danielle Edwards, FBCA & James Wetzel, PhD, FBCA

Re-discovery of an Elusive Horned Lizard in Sonora, Mexico
Charles Hedgcock, RBP, FBCA

Documenting Biofluorescence in Marine Animals
Connie Johansen, RBP, BFA, FBCA

Adaptive Optics: An Advanced Imaging Modality For Retinal Structures
Robert Mays

Berenice Abbot: Photography Icon – Biological Photographer
Howard Radzyner, BS, RBP, FBCA

Cross Polarization, Techniques, Facts and Fiction
Gale Spring, FBPA

Tintype Workshop
Will Wilson

Video Editing
John Yeats

Video Workshop
John Yeats and Adam Cooper

Anne Shiras Pioneer Lecture
Stalked by Technology – The Challenges of Forensic Image Interpretation
Gale Spring, FBPA

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Director of Conferences

If you require additional information about presentations or if you wish to present at BIOCOMM 2023, please download and complete the BIOCOMM 2023 Abstract Form and send to Connie Johansen, RBP, FBCA, the Director of Conferences.