Oct 15, 2022

This is a macro photo of a whole broccoli to demonstrate the florets and how they interact with each other. The product was less than an hour from being harvested on the farm.

This image was created as part of a marketing program for Pero Family Farms in Delray Beach, Florida. The images are used for illustration purposes, consumer engagement with children and wall art for the corporate offices.

Nikon D780 with micro-Nikkor 60mm lens. 10 photos set to 1mm focus stacking. Images were brought into Photoshop as layers. Layers were aligned and blended to form the final image.

Find out more details in Behind the Image.

Judges Choice Award - 2022
"It's pleasing to look at, especially with the background left out of focus. Most magnified images are focused stacked to get everything in one plane, but I appreciate the artistic value added by leaving some out of focus. My favorite types of photos are the ones that take something everyday and average and turn them into art by photographing them at high magnification. I never would have thought to see what broccoli looks like close up, and it looks adorable! This image actually inspired me to see what it looks like under a microscope as well as other foods. Such a simple image but I love it."
- Teri Zgoda