Building the Nuclear Pore Complex

Oct 15, 2022

This illustrations features a comparison of the known structure of the nuclear pore complex in 2016 (left) and 2022 (right). Cross sections (outer images) and top-down views (center) are shown. Newly resolved components are depicted in orange and yellow. This pore is constructed from PDB and Cryo-EM data from two teams of researchers, combined for the first time ever to see the most complete view of the pore to date. The pieces are either experimentally solved from human or predicted with AlphaFold. The height of the pore is 73nm and the diameter is about 90nm. The nuclear pore complex is a hotspot for disease-associated mutations and understanding of the structure of the nuclear pore will provide insights into these mechanisms of disease.

This piece was created to showcase the new structures solved since 2016. It is a celebration of the progress made. The purpose of these top and side displays are to provide opportunity to compare what is new. Most notably, the membrane, luminal ring, and cytoplasmic filaments. The audience is readers of Science journal.

ChimeraX, Cinema4D, Photoshop, InDesign