Calycocerase tarrantens

Nov 16, 2021

This cross-section of an ammonite has been polished to show the internal chambers and the minerals deposited within them. The gray is mudstone, the white is calcite, and the brown is barite. The latter two are one of the most common pairs of minerals found in fossils. Calcite, the more usual, is invariably deposited first, with barite following it and often replacing it. Note the black and white tubular structure running along the dorsum of the ammonite. This is the siphon, the organelle responsible for maintaining the proper proportion of fluid and gases in the chambers in order to keep the animal upright.


A future book project.


Nikon Z 7II, 105 macro lens, LED lighting

Judges Choice Award - 2021

“I love images of subjects that create curiosity and intrigue. The texture in the subject and the photographer’s skill in bringing that out make this a beautiful image, and one I would have been very proud to have produced." - Paul Crompton