Cerebral Reflections

Oct 15, 2022

During a post mortem examination, all internal organs are removed, weighed, and examined before sectioning. This decedent was determined to have suffered a ruptured berry aneurysm causing a fatal subarachnoid hemorrhage. The brain was removed with membrane intact, and placed inside the stainless steel bowl used for the scale with the ventral surface facing the camera. Before moving the bowl to the scale, a photo of opportunity was taken to highlight the interesting play of reflection and colour between the subject and container. The use of a cross-polarization technique allowed for the minimizing of subject surface reflections, while permitting the reflected light from the bowl to pass through the circular polarizing filter of the lens without issue.

The image was created in support of a medico-legal autopsy by providing a reviewable visual reference as to the the cause of death. This image is kept as a part of the decedent's post mortem report and may be reviewed by additional medical professionals, members of the justice system, next of kin, and may also be used for medical training and academic research and publication.

A Canon 5D MKIII DSLR camera was used with a 50mm Macro Lens, a circular polarizer, and a Canon MR14EXII with linear polarizing gel attached.