Congenital Pectus Excavatum pre- and post-operative comparison

Oct 15, 2022

Pectus Excavatum is a congenital condition, affecting 1 in1000 children with a 4:1 ratio of boys to girls. The sternum is sunken and therefore, the ribcage may restrict expiration and the ability to exercise. The patient may be self-conscious due to the appearance of the chest. In the U.K., cardiology surgery is not routinely funded through the NHS.

Pre-operative photographs (left) were used to support this patient's case for funding the NHS surgery. The funding was approved, and the photographs were available as part of the patient's healthcare record to inform the surgeon. The patient was very interested to view his medical photographs and presented for photography four weeks post-operatively. Comparing the pre-op (left) and post-op (right) images enabled the patient to see the vast improvement in the appearance of his clinical condition.

Studio cross-lighting techniques, using the key light to side light with fill light were used to demonstrate the abnormal anatom