Dorsal view of the holotype of a tiny bee, Quasihesma (Quasihesma) clypearis.

Sep 28, 2023

Geoff Thompson, ADAB

Queensland Museum
Holland Park West, Queensland, Australia

Dorsal view of the holotype of a bee, Quasihesma (Quasihesma) clypearis, T57859. This species was described by the late Dr Elizabeth Exley in 1980. It is the smallest known bee species in Australia and one of the smallest in the world. This specimen is from Cooktown in far North Queensland, collected 13th November, 1978.

The image was created for the exhibition "Insect Agency" for display besides a tiny specimen.

Canon 5DS, 200mm L series telephoto with 10X Mitutoyo objective. Focus stacked with Zerene Stacker software and then merged from