Epigenetic Targeted Therapy of Gene Expression in Leukemic Cells

Oct 15, 2022

This piece was used in a recent publication in Nature Cancer from the Simpson Querrey Institute for Epigenetics describing the effects of ASXL1 mutations in BAP1 and the role it plays in leukemic pathogenesis. A screen for small molecule inhibitors of BAP1 catalytic activity identified a compound the researchers named iBAP. Treatment of ASXL1 mutant cells with iBAP rescues aberrant oncogenic patterns of gene expression. This understanding of ASXL1 mutations in controlling BAP1 activity in cancer could function as a lead compound for future optimization.

The piece was designed to educate the general public and other researchers about the publication in 3 minutes or less. This animation was created to spark interest and excite people about research being conducted in the lab.

VMD (Visual Molecular Dynamics; Humphrey et al., J. Molec. Graphics, 14:33-38, 1996), Autodesk 3dsMax, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Il.