Forensic Photographer

Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Washington DC

Salary: $80,783.00 - $103,333.00 per year

Final Filing Date: June 9, 2023

The incumbent serves as a photographer and performs a variety of complex still assignments related to forensics.


  • The incumbent provides high-magnification forensic images of all decedent examinations (i e, full and partial autopsies examinations). The incumbent is responsible for creating 30 representative scans of decedents. utilizing a 3D white light scanner with photographic capabilities and processes.
  • The incumbent uses a specialized photomicrography camera to photograph various stains on microscopic slides to document disease processes The incumbent assists the medical examiner during examination in
  • documenting identifying characteristics of a decedent, such as tattoos, and wounds. scars and other paraphernalia. The incumbent is responsible for devising photography methods and techniques, such as additional coverage, changes in placement and/or direction of action, changes in sequence and areas of operations, specialty I lighting, background and camera angles or other methods to obtain maximum effectiveness in photographic coverage and measurements (i.e., enhance desired effect or eliminate unwanted features of a subject).
  • Uploads forensic images, photomicrographs and scans to the agency's Forensic Analytic Case Tracking System (FACTS), The incumbent also imports, into the Multimedia Archiving Servers, x-rays and videos obtained from other sources during the death investigation process.
  • Aides in decedent identification by providing an identification photograph for viewing by the next of kin, This process involves making the decedent visually identifiable while reducing the sight of trauma utilizing advanced computer graphic techniques
  • The incumbent communicates with OCME investigators to ensure that identification photographs are appropriate for use. Using advanced imaging techniques, the incumbent obtains images of the decedent’s medical intervention/ hardware to aid investigators in the process of identification. The incumbent also provides investigative staff with digitized fingerprint cards for submission to requisite federal, state, or local agencies for identification purposes.
  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned
  • This position is not covered under the collective bargaining unit.
  • Full time position, tour of duty 9:00 am -5:00 pm
  • The position may be subject to a background and security clearance check prior to the appointment.

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