Jim Fosse, RBP, FBCA


Get to know Emeritus member Jim Fosse

What inspired you to pick up a camera?

As a teenager my grandmother gave me a 4X5 glass plate camera to use. I still have it today and it still works.

What drew you to your chosen field of photography?

Over a long career I did just about everything. Microscopy represented the biggest challenges.

Where did you get your training?

I had 4 years in the Air Force as a photographer. Rochester Institute of Technology for both undergrad and graduate.

What positions did you hold during your working life? And are there any memories that stand out.

I started out as senior medical photographer/cinematographer at UMC in Tucson. Moved to the Manitoba Health Science Centre as Chief Medical Photographer. Came back to the college of veterinary medicine in Ames as a Media Producer and finished my career as a Media Production Specialist with USDA. I was fortunate on my first job to work with an excellent crew of people who helped me learn my job on the fly. Just a few names like Chip Hedgcock, Jeb Zirato, Maria Schuchardt and Karen Hensley.

How did BPA/BCA influence your career?

BCA was crucial to my advancement over the years. Relationships with a wide range of people from all over the world. With BCA help I had a small part in making better doctors, nurses, and veterinarians.

Did you have a mentor?

I was lucky enough at RIT To have the support of Martin L Scott BCA’s liaison for Eastman Kodak. A debt that I have tried to repay by mentoring and supporting students just entering the field.

When did you join BPA/BCA; and what positions, awards or certifications did you hold?

I joined BCA in 1978. Board certified as an RBP in 1986. Served as chapter treasurer in Arizona 1986 and House of Delegates 1990. Served on the Board of Registry 1995-1998, Board of Governors 1999-2004, Conferences Chair 2001-2004, Vice President 2003-2004 and President of BCA 2005-2007. Along the way I was awarded FBCA in 2004, the Ralph Creer Service Award in 2010 and the Louis Schmidt life achievement award 2015. USDA National Centers for Animal Health support person for 2014.

Please share with us what your retirement has been like.

I’m having a great time doing instructional videos for the Journal of Visualized Experiments in Boston and helping build houses for Habitat for Humanity in central Iowa.

Lastly, what advice or wisdom would you impart to anyone wanting to pursue a career in any field of photography today?

BCA will always need people to step out of their comfort zone and volunteer. It’s what makes a small but mighty organization.