Sep 28, 2023

Michael Bachofer

Science Visualization Lab
Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Low resolution image shot with a specially built camera without a lens that can be used as a camera and an interactive installation. Printed on Kodak Duratrans for backlight. Magnification is 1x, because the camera is made as big as I'm tall.

Because I made so many very detailed images of butterflies I wanted to see the butterfly view on me, so I created the Butterfly Eye Cam out of 35.000 drinking straws. The result was the image "Me" but also a camera that I exhibited several times as an analog interactive installation.

Please find a photo of "Me" and the Butterfly Eye Cam in an exhibition here->

Here is the framed and backlit version at an exhibition->

Image taken with "Butterfly_Eye_Cam" a camera without a lens but 35.000 drinking straws