Morphoea en coup de sabre

Sep 28, 2023

David Bishop, BscBSc, MIMI, AHCS

The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
London, Hampstead, UK

Clinical record - Morphoea en coup de sabre is a variant of linear morphoea (a localized form of scleroderma), the name Morphoea en coup de sabre originates from the characteristic scar that indents the skin of the scalp and the underlying bone in the frontoparietal region. Morphoea en coup de sabre can also can cut into the brain, causing neurological abnormalities and vision problems. The most commonly used treatment is a combination of methotrexate with oral corticosteroids, followed by reconstructive surgery.

Diagnosis of morphoea en coup de sabre is usually made by visual clinical examination of the forehead and scalp. Subsequently photographs of conditions are typically used in medical text books, journals and presentations, for education and training.

Standardized clinical photography technique and studio lighting set up. Equipment used: Camera: Canon 5D MkIII DSLR. Lens: Sigma